Happy Father’s Day!

I want to send out a special Happy Father’s Day wish to my husband and best friend, Joe. After 10 1/2 years of marriage I cannot help but to fall in love with him more as the years pass. He is the most amazing father and husband. Everytime I see him hanging out with my kids and watch the way they smile at him and giggle, I need to stop to remind myself just how lucky I am. There is no gift greater than being able to raise a family and grow old together. Today, may our gift of family be the greatest gift we ever receive.

To my Dad and Father-in-Law, as well as all of the Dads out there, many happy wishes for a relaxing, well-deserved Father’s Day. Give your children a big hug and spend some special time with them today. In this crazy, fast-paced world, take the day off and just enjoy your family. Life is too busy and too short to let these moments pass. And remember, being a Father is the hardest but most rewarding job you will ever be given; always be the best you can be…and your children will love you more than you ever could imagine.

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