K-Y Intimacy Experiment: Day 1 – Creating a Love Nest

Recently I was given the opportunity to participate in the K-Y Intimacy Experiment developed by the experts at Good In Bed. What is Good In Bed, you ask? Good in Bed is an online site brought to you by skilled, professional experts. It’s basically a discreet, informative place to go to find information and possibly get some answers about relationships, intimacy and fulfillment.

Ok…I know some of you may be thinking…an experiment? OMG just a little TMI!

Honestly, as I considered participating in the experiment, I realized how many people, especially parents of young children, are probably walking in my shoes. I thought that by sharing my own experience, maybe just maybe it might help some of you out there to reconnect with your significant others as well. Yes, we may be married; however, there is a reason why we are where we are – we have all been head over heels in love at some time. Do you recall that unexplainable feeling that you just cannot wait to be spending time with one another? Remember that uncontrollable desire to drop everything just to make time for each other? Hey, just because we are married doesn’t mean that we cannot re-ignite some of those flames. OK, I know – there are piles of laundry to be done, work, work and more work and a calendar full of kid activities. The point is, if you make time (even if just brief) your relationship can again hit that all time high you deserve.

After almost 11 years of marriage (not counting those several years we dated prior) I’ll be the first to admit that intimacy is not always on the top of my priority list. Even though it should be; it is not. At the end of the day, the bed is calling me – to sleep. I love Joe with my whole heart; but let’s face it – with an almost 20 year old, an 8 year old and a 4 year old, there certainly never seems to be enough time or space for quiet moments alone. Hey, even I know that any long term relationship takes work, desire and creativity – kids or not. So, when I approached my husband about the experiment, he happily obliged (tongue wagging and all).

And so it begins.

Day 1: Creating a Love Nest

The first day of the experiment called for some work cleaning the bedroom and creating an inviting space. Thankfully I am committed to giving this experiment my all or else I may have quit here.

I am guilty of leaving piles of clean laundry on the floor to be put away. My husband and I have both been known to leave sneakers on the floor or tossed at the beside. My bureau often becomes a catch all to not only my own personal items, but some of the kids toys as well. Sound familiar?

So, I made the bed, put the clothes away, vacuumed, dusted and shined the mirrors and voilà…my room actually looked inviting. I felt really proud of how pretty it looked when I was finished. It was relaxing and calming. So I added some pretty scented candles and my Ipod to the mix. Ahhh…a sanctuary, I thought – a little haven away from it all.

After putting the kids to bed, I decided to surprise my husband with some wine and a movie. I couldn’t think of a more relaxing place to spend time with him at the end of a long day with the kids. Yes, when we do finally get that time we deserve together, many times I find it hard to relax. But making these little changes to the room and clearing out the clutter also helped to clear my mind. And so I’d say that Day #1 was quite the success. Creating a love nest definitely promotes relaxation and relaxation = quality time alone.

If you are interested in participating in your own experiment, the experiment is free and can be found by clicking the K-Y Intimacy Experiment tab on the K-Y Brand Couple’s Page on Facebook. In the mean time, I will be checking in over the next ten days to tell you more about my own experiences.

Disclosure: I wrote this posting while participating in a blog campaign on behalf of K-Y® Brand and also received product samples to help facilitate my review. All opinions and experiences in this article are solely my own.

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