K-Y Intimacy Experiment Day 6: Getting in Touch

Joe and I are generally affectionate people. We love to hug and cuddle. We hold hands frequently. We kiss one another several times a day. It’s definitely one of my favorite things about our relationship. Being affectionate with one another makes us feel closer overall, both mentally and physically.

I was especially excited about today’s exercise since I knew it would be just one more reason to snuggle with my honey.

First, the exercise asked that we think back to the last few days and write down about how many times a day that we touched one another. Then we were to journal what types of touching was involved. Some examples included hugging, kissing, holding hands, touching feet under the table, making contact with his arm or leg when talking and offering a massage at the end of the day. As expected, we both had a full list of actions which were a regular routine throughout the week. Like I said before, affection is no stranger to our relationship.

Then we were told to add some new touches to the mix. Leave it to my husband to come up with some clever ones. Let’s just say it was a challenge trying to wash the dishes while squirming from my husband’s tickles and squeezes. LOL

Part two of the exercise encourages that we give one another a nice, long and enjoyable massage. Since it has been a long, hectic day for both of us I can’t think of a more perfect way to wind down and enjoy one another.

If you are interested in participating in your own experiment, the experiment is free and can be found by clicking the K-Y Intimacy Experiment tab on the K-Y Brand Couple’s Page on Facebook. In the mean time, I will be checking in daily to tell you more about my own experiences.

Disclosure: I wrote this posting while participating in a blog campaign on behalf of K-Y® Brand and also received product samples to help facilitate my review. All opinions and experiences in this article are solely my own.

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