My She Speaks/ Biolage "Kiss Dry Goodbye" Experience at Elegant Touch Salon in Brookhaven, PA

Several months ago, I was chosen by She Speaks to visit a local salon, Elegant Touch in Brookhaven, PA to pick up some full-size Biolage products, which included hydratherapie shampoo and hydratherapie Aqua-Immersion Creme Masque. At my first visit to the salon, I accepted my products and decided that I would use the discounts on services that I was provided with at a later visit.

The salon was spacious with beautiful decor; I immediately fell in love with the elegant, relaxing environment. Upon entering, I was immediately greeted by a knowledgeable receptionist who presented me with my products and encouraged me to come back for a visit in the near future. I grabbed a salon menu and headed on my way. The atmosphere of the salon and the pleasant attitude of the staff made me feel excited to return for a later visit.

Over the last few months, I have had the opportunity to use the wonderful Biolage products that I was given. Both products have a pleasantly fresh and clean scent. According to Matrix, “Taking inspiration from the Rainforest’s ever-replenishing Moisture Cycle, Biolage’s new technology Hydrathérapie continuously moisturizes hair to help stop the dehydration cycle with the Anti-Dry Care of Aloe + Passion Fruit”. I have certainly found after using the products that my hair most definitely feels quenched, softer and more manageable. These products are extremely high quality and I would highly recommend them if you are looking to boost your hair’s moisture and manageability.

Last Saturday before the infamous hurricane hit, I had the pleasure of returning to Elegant Touch Salon for a complimentary deep moisturizing treatment. Since I was heading to a fancy wedding that evening, I decided to spoil myself with a blow out. Despite the dreary weather outside, the staff in the salon was wonderfully cheerful and welcoming. While waiting to receive my treatment, I was graciously offered coffee, tea and pastries. Again, as I waited, I enjoyed the lovely atmosphere and cheerful decor. The waiting area was tastefully decorated with fun summer decor which included flip flops and sand buckets.

My treatment included a deep conditioning treatment. The shampoo technician washed and massaged my hair prior to applying the treatment. I was then able to sit back and relax while the treatment was applied. Shortly after, I met with Amanda who styled my wavy mess of hair into a beautiful and sleek bob. We chatted throughout the service and I felt as if I had been coming to the salon for years. Undoubtedly, the girls at this salon really go out of their way to make clients feel relaxed and appreciated.

At the end of my service, I was again thanked by each of the staff members that had provided my services as well as the receptionist. I was extremely pleased with my hairstyle and loved not only the look of my styled hair but also the smooth and sleek feel from the Biolage products.



Elegant Touch certainly exceeded my expectations. I would certainly return again to enjoy one of the many services they offer including cuts, styling, blow outs, hair coloring, nails and waxing. Elegant Touch is located at 4111 Barlow Avenue in Brookhaven, PA. Appointments can be scheduled at 610-876-4002. The salon menu states that walk-ins are welcome and Senior Citizens can get a 10% senior discount. In addition, there is a handicap ramp for access to the establishment.

Many thanks to She Speaks and Biolage for providing me this opportunity to enjoy these products and for introducing me to this lovely salon.

I think I have found my new favorite “Mom Getaway”!

Disclosure: I received a samples of the Biolage new hair care system and a discount card for 25% or more off selected salon visits (up to 4 visits) from She Speaks. No payment was given and all opinions are fully my own.

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