Slow Cooker Recipe of the Week: Three Packet Roast

Back to school is here and fall is just around the corner, which means hectic schedules, homework, sports practice and games galore! What better time to get out that slow cooker and let it cook dinner while you keep up with the remainder of your busy schedule! It is as if Facebook has suddenly lit up with slow cooker mania! Since I love my crock pot so much, I thought I would get in on the fun. I will be posting a tried and true slow cooker recipe each week. Feel free to share a few of your favorites as well. I would love to try some new ones in the upcoming weeks!

Three Packet Roast

Put beef roast in crock pot on top of and surrounded with carrots
and potatoes

1 pkt. dry Italian Dressing mix
1 pkt. dry brown gravy
1 pkt. dry ranch dressing mix

Mix above dry ingredients in a bowl. Rub dry ingredients onto
the roast.
Pour remainder over roast and potatoes.
Pour 1/2 cup water over everything.
Cook on low 8 hours or so. This turns out unbelieveably delicious and makes its own delicious gravy!

Today I am linking up with the Slow Cooker Squad over at Family Friendly Frugality and Fun Finds for Families. Be sure to hop over to their sites to see more great slow cooker recipes! Be sure to check out their Slow Cooker Squad Facebook page as well!

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