Corner Cuts in Glenolden PA Offers Barber Cuts for Men & Kids for Just $6!

Living on a very tight budget definitely takes some creative changes, especially since we are already used to being frugal.  My husband and son are usually in need of haircuts at least once a month and depending where they choose to go, this is yet another expense that adds up very quickly.

After shopping around for the best price for a barber cut, I recently came across an ad for Corner Cuts on Chester Pike in Glenolden.  At $6 a cut for men and children, I was eager to have my husband give it a try.  We were pleasantly surprised.  We were instantly greeted within seconds of walking in the door and the girls could not have been nicer.  The shop is small but modern and very clean.  The girls offered a little bag of pretzels or a lollipop to my kids to keep them entertained while Daddy got his hair cut.  Since it was a Saturday just before lunch, I had prepared for a wait, but instead my husband was sitting the the chair within minutes of walking in the door.

The verdict?  Joe received a great barber cut. (Thanks, Kristy!)  We chatted away with the stylists; they were incredibly friendly and professional.  And, we will definitely be going back to have my son Aidan’s hair cut in a few weeks.  For $6, I was so impressed that I wanted to let you all in on this great place!

Here is a list of their prices:

Men & Children’s Barber Cuts: $6
Women $11
Senior Women $9
Senior Men $5
Shape Up $3

They are located at 9 North Chester Pike in Glenolden.  No appointment needed.  Hours are Monday 10-4, Tuesday 8:30-7, Wednesday 8:30-7, Thursday 8:30-7, Friday 8:30-7, Saturday 9-3.  Their phone # is 484-494-6607 


  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t like this place. When I went I waited for about an hour and a half. Kristy messed my hair cut up so badly that I had to a different shop te next day and have my hair completely buzzed. This is not the first time she messed up my hair. She worked at a shop farther up te pike

  2. nice place

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