Menu Plan Monday: Freezer & Pantry Challenge Week #3

I am going on Week #3 and have been primarily using only foods we already have on hand to plan meals.  This past week, I made a trip to the store for milk and bread.  Because we were having company, we used a BJ’s gift card we had on hand to purchase two Pizzeria Uno Take and Bake Pizzas, One Plain and One veggie and chicken and they turned out delicious!  We had leftovers as well which we used for weekend meals.  I also was asked to bring in juice for my daughter’s preschool class and since we were out of juice, I made another trip to the store to purchase two bottles of juice for school and one bottle for home.  All in all, I did really well again this week.  Now on to another week of meal planning!

Monday: Stuffed Sole, mashed potatoes and veggies – and angel food cake with whipped cream to celebrate my birthday!

Tuesday: Vegetable Lasagna

Wednesday: Turkey Hot Dogs on Light Rolls, Baked Beans

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Filet Mignon,  twice baked potatoes and edamame

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