Menu Plan Monday: Freezer/Pantry Challenge Week #2

I am so proud of myself for making delicious meals last week with only one trip to the grocery store to pick up bread, milk and a container of sour cream.  We even managaed to use up all of our leftovers. My plan is to freeze and leftovers that we do not eat so we can use them as another quick meal at a later time.  Now that we must be super strict with the budget while my husband is out of work, we are going to continue to use up all of our pantry and freezer items before making another large grocery trip.

I also had two events to attend this weekend that required that I make something to bring along to share. I raided my pantry and ended up making Homemade Beer Bread and Onion Onion dip using some Pampered Chef seasoning that I had in the pantry mixed with sour cream for the first outing.  I also found a great Devils Food Cookie recipe from Dinner on a Dime using a box of Devils Food Cake mix, eggs and oil, which I brought to the kids friendly event we attended on Sunday.  Both were delicious and very easy to prepare.

Here’s what is planned for our menu this week: 

Monday: Baked breaded salmon, rice and asparagus

Tuesday: Soccer game after school so dinner needs to be quick and easy -Lean Cuisines for me and hubby; chicken nuggets for the kids

Wednesday: Marinaded and BBQ grilled Chicken thighs, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies

Thursday: Grilled cheese and tomato soup (with Goldfish crackers for the kids)

Friday: Lean Cuisines for hubby and me; frozen pizza for the kiddos

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