When It Comes to Healthy Snacks, Mott’s Has You Covered!

As a Mom, I feel that it is my responsibility to pack wholesome snacks and healthy lunches for my children for school and on-the-go.  Needless to say, when I was introduced to some of Mott’s newest products, I couldn’t wait to let my kids try them out and see how they enjoy them.

Mott’s now has these awesome Snack & Go Applesauce packs that are perfect for tossing in my pocketbook, in the car or in the kids lunch bags.  They are as fun to eat as they are delicious!  There is no need for a spoon and they are literally mess-free!  Simply twist off the cap and the kids can squeeze and eat right from the tube of the pouch.  Best of all, these neat portable pouches contain no added sugar and are just 40 calories per serving, and they come in both original applesauce as well as yummy strawberry applesauce.  Hey – did I mention these make great snacks for Mom, too?

Of course our family has always been fans of Mott’s Apple juice products.  Hey, even I drank Mott’s as a kid!  I love the tot sized juice boxes.  They are the perfect size and portion for my toddler.  I love that they are prediluted – the perfect mix of 100% juice and purified water.  These Tots drinks contain 40% less sugar than regular apple juice and no artificial sweetners.   My son, on the other hand, prefers the Mott’s 8 oz. apple juice bottles.  Each bottle contains 2 servings of fruit and is perfect for his lunchbag or in between sports events.

And for those of you with picky kids like mine, be sure to check out Mott’s Medleys Snacks.  These little snacks come in portable size cups and contain 1 fruit and 1 veggie per serving.  YAY!  Finally I can give them a serving of veggies without them even noticing! Again there is no sugar added and they come in Cherry Berry and Peach Apple Flavors.

Let’s face it – snacks are important for keeping our kids energized and focused, especially during a long school day or between activities.  Choosing healthy, wholesome snacks will give them the boost they need each day.  Mott’s has just what it takes to make snacking easy!  Thanks, Mott’s!

Disclosure: I was sent products from Mott’s to sample.  All opinions are completely my own.  


  1. We have had fruit snacks and they are yummy!

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