Daily Gratitude: Day 14 – My Sister

I am so thankful to have a wonderful sister in my life.  All of my life I have been amazed by her.  At 8 months of age, she became deaf  from a battle with spinal meningitis.  I never understood as a child just how serious of a disease she had battled.  As I grew older, I began to realize that we could have lost her.  I had no idea as a child just how tough her fight was as an infant. That just makes her that much more special to all of us.  She is my only sibling; my little sister.  We have always had a special bond.  She has taught me things that many will never experience.  I have learned to see the world through the eyes of a deaf person.  Life is certainly not easy. She has never had the chance to listen to music or go out to a dance club; she has only felt the vibrations and imagined in her own world what exactly music is all about.  Yet, at my wedding she danced all night; and over the years we have joined each other on the dance floor time and time again at other weddings and special events.  I know that she loves the time we spend with one another, laughing and being sisters – for her – that is the music.  She is an incredible Aunt to my three children; she loves them like her own.  She has lived away at school, graduated from college and has a wonderful full time job, where she is respected by her colleagues.  She just continuously amazes me with her accomplishments.  I am so lucky and so proud to call her my sister and one of my best friends.  I love her with my whole heart and I am forever grateful to share my life with her.    

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