Daily Gratitude Day 16: My Home

When it comes down to it, it’s the necessities in life that are most important.  And even in these hard times, we are so fortunate to have these things.  I am most grateful today for my warm and wonderful home.  I’ve loved it from the first day I opened the door to see it.  It has always been a happy, safe haven.  It keeps us sheltered from the elements and gives me a place to hide from the world when I need time alone.  Our family has created so many wonderful memories here.  We have amazing neighbors and I know in my heart that we could not have chosen a better place to start and raise our family. We have celebrated here, worked hard to make it our own, we’ve laughed a lot and cried almost as much here.  When things seem like they couldn’t be much worse, I keep taking the time to remind myself just how fortunate we are. Instead of feeling down about what we do not have at the moment, I keep reminding myself to take a breath and embrace all of the wonderful things we do have – these are the things that truly matter right now.  And suddenly everything feels okay again.  And smile to myself as I curl up on my couch with my blanket around me, knowing I am safe with my family – in our home.

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