Daily Gratitude Day 20: My Car

I know I often take for granted the convenience of having a car. It’s super easy and quick to jump in the car and head out for errands and such. I can remember being a young single Mom many years ago, hopping on trolley cars and buses to take my daughter to doctor’s appointments. I remember standing in the cold and rain waiting to get to my destination. I remember that distinct feeling of being dependent on others to drive me to and fro. I am so grateful for my car – or should I say cars! (My husband and I are fortunate to each have our own.) I am looking forward to the drive up to Kutztown this week to pick up my daughter Ashley from college. I miss her terribly and I cannot wait to see her. Taking that nice drive home in the car will give us some one on one time to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. And although it may sound a bit silly – I am indeed very grateful for my car. My hectic schedule would certainly be quite the inconvenience (and quite possibly impossible) without it!

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