Daily Gratitude Day 23: My Neighbors

As a child, I was born and raised in the city.  Growing up, everyone knew their neighbors and the neighborhood was like one big family.  When we purchased our house in the suburbs, we were fortunate enough to fall in love with a house on a small cul-de-sac filled with friendly neighbors and a load of kids.  As we got to know our neighbors, it was so much fun forming friendships with them. and even better, our kids always had other children to play with.  Our neighbors are awesome!  I know I can count on them if I need an extra egg or someone to pick up the kids from school.  They lend an open ear and offer advice when needed.  I know they keep an eye on my house when I am not home and they are so much fun to chat and hang out with.  I am so grateful for my wonderful neighbors, whom I also consider friends – they are just another facet of this wonderful place I call home.     

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