Daily Gratitude Day 4 – My Daughter

Today I am especially thankful for my daughter Ashley.  Having had her at 18, we have grown up together.  She has helped me to grow and love in ways I never knew.  I’ve been through it all with her – the good and the bad. Although as a teenager she tortured me in ways I never thought I’d survive, I could not be prouder of the young woman she has become.  She is beautiful and smart – and all grown up.  Now away at college, I miss her so much.  But another part of me is elated that she is living out all of her dreams.  I never imagined that my little girl would grow up so quickly and go from not only being my daughter, but being my friend.  She now calls me to check on me the same way I have her all these years.  I could not be more proud of her accomplishments and look forward to being by her side for all that has yet to come.  OLIVE JUICE, Ashley OXOX!  

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