Daily Gratitude Day 5 – Friends

I am thankful for my dear friends. Since Joe lost his job, they have been more supportive than I ever imagined. They are there to lend an ear, help to circulate and strengthen his resume and forward job search leads, and to give in any way they can. They call and email to check on us – especially my MOMS Club friends – they have become like family. Our friends Frank and Shannon not only took our daughter for a few hours in the morning on the day of our anniversary last month, but then returned later that night with a bottle of wine and a gift card for coffee…and dropped off baked goodies for our family on a few other occasions “just because”. My friend Lil has helped immensely with watching my kids and toting them back and forth to school on days that I had appointments. She has dropped by with soup and snacks for the kids. And took me to lunch to get me out of the house and help to break some of the unbelievable stress we have been going through. And her husband Lou stayed late at work to fix our car and get it back to us quickly last month when our car broke down. Shelly and Mich have offered to take my son for play dates (bringing him to Oasis and lunch) and carpool when we need to be in the same places at the same time. Mich, Jamie and Jim have all been amazing when it comes to helping Joe with his job search and resume building. Joe’s friend Mark has taken him to lunch and sent home sushi as a treat for me. Betsy and Lori both emailed me to see how I am doing and offered to help in any way they can, offering meals and gifts for my children for the holidays. I could go on and on. One thing I know is that Joe and I are truly blessed when it comes to friends. These are all true friends in every way. For those whom I did not personally mention above but have been there for us, thank you so very much. Your emails, your encouragement and all you have done for us is simply overwhelming. You cannot begin to know how each of you have touched us over these past few weeks.

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