Daily Gratitude Day 7 – My Son

When the doctor shouted the words, “It’s a Boy!” 9 years ago, my heart stopped for a moment. I already had a perfect and sweet daughter and now I was blessed with a gorgeous baby boy. I had always dreamed of being a Mom…but to experience not only a daughter but also a son, exceeded all of my wildest dreams. It had been a long 11 years since I had my daughter; my son’s arrival meant starting all over again as a new Mommy. He has been the biggest pleasure to raise. He loves to cuddle one moment and just as easily wants to wrestle and rough house with my husband on the floor the next . He is pleasant and cheerful; his smile can light up a room. He always shows concern for those around him; he will be the first to help when something is wrong. I have watched him take the time to make friends with kids around him who are shy or lonely. And he is so incredibly dedicated to our family; it actually brings tears to my eyes. He absolutely adores both of his sisters. He is so selfless that whenever he is given something, he is always quick to share with his little sister or even give it away to her. I often ask myself how could we be so blessed to have this little boy as a part of our family. He is a true gift and I could not be more thankful for all of the endless joy he brings to my life – everyday.

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