Daily Gratitude Day 9 – My Parents

I am so thankful to have a set of parents who have been married for over 38 years and despite all of life’s curve balls have managed to stay in love and raise our wonderful family.  I admire their life choices and am so thankful for giving me such a good life.  They have always tried to be positive role models, offering advice and open ears as I found my way through life.  They have stood by me through thick and thin, even when they did not agree with certain choices and situations that I needed to face.  They stayed by my side and offered support as I raised my daughter as a teenage Mom and did everything they could to support me along the way as I completed nursing school and began my career.  They love my husband like their own, and my children could not adore them more.  When we are younger, we tend to take our parents for granted.  Now that I am a Mom myself, I could not be more appreciative of all they sacrificed for me and for always giving me everything they could and then some.  Mom and Dad – it is because of you that I am who I am today.  Thank you and I hope that I can be for my kids all that you have been for me. XOXO  

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