Daily Gratitude List Days 1, 2 and 3

This month, I am joining other bloggers in the blogosphere as well as others on facebook, to create a daily gratitude list leading up to Thanksgiving.  I thought it would be a good way to boost my spirit and help me to focus on what it truly important in my life.  I know I am off to a late start with this, but I figured I would combine my first three days into one post then post daily from here until Thanksgiving. Hopefully this will be contagious; I would love for you to share with all of us the things you are grateful for in your life as well! 

Day 1:  I am most grateful for my family.  Without them, I would be lost.  It is because of them that I have purpose; they give me a reason to be excited, a reason to get out of bed and care for them.  They love me unconditionally and do not judge me.  They pick me up when I am down, they make me laugh and they always tell me they love me.  I cannot imagine life without my family.  I imagine it would be a lonely journey.  I am truly blessed.

Day 2:  I am grateful to have a roof over my house and food on my table.  These seem like basic necessities, but I never realized how much I’ve taken these things for granted until my husband lost his job last month.  When you lose an income, you need to become very aware of the things you are purchasing and what exactly it is that you need.  Lucky for us, we have a well-stocked pantry and a beautiful, warm and family-friendly place we call home.  I have never been more thankful for these things than I am now.  I’ve learned how much the little things really are not so important.  My heart breaks for those in our family’s situation that are not so fortunate to have these basic necessities.  I will be certain to reach into my pantry to gather some non perishable items to donate to them this holiday season; I hope others will be as generous and do the same.

Day 3: I am so incredibly thankful for my husband.  He is my best friend.  My rock.  My everything.  I love him more than I ever imagined I could love anyone.  Even in our hardest times, together we keep each other strong.  He is THE MOST WONDERFUL Dad!  He gives and gives and gives to our children until there is nothing left to give.  He is there for everything.  Such an incredibly selfless guy, he always puts our family first and does everything he can to keep us safe and happy.  After 11 years of marriage and countless years of dating, I am more in love with him than I have ever been.  Nothing can take that away – nothing.

Did this get you thinking?  What are you grateful for today?

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