Make Some Extra Cash by Participating in Skin Studies in Broomall

Are you looking to make some extra cash?  The Skin Study Center and CyberDERM, both located in Broomall, PA have ongoing studies for qualified panelists.  Basically, these companies partner with pharmaceutical and personal care companies to test the effectiveness and safety of cosmetics, personal care products and more.  Many of the studies are quick and easy and require frequent quick visits to the center, some as little as 5-10 minutes per visits.  Other visits are longer, sometimes lasting an hour to two hours and some as long as an entire day.  You can bring children along to some visits while children may not be permitted at others.  This is dependent upon each study. 

I have participated in studies at both centers in the past and on average have been paid anywhere from $75 to $200 per study.  Some studies do pay less or more, depending on the requirements. 

The two companies are located up the street from one another.  If interested, you can sign up in person at either company or both.  If you would like to participate in studies at both places, you will need to sign up with each company individually.

I would appreciate very much if you use me, Kelly Moran, as a reference if you do choose to sign up.     

Skin Study Center
505 Park Way
Broomall, PA

700 Park Way
Broomall, PA

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