Peapod by Giant Grocery Delivery {Review} and $20 Discount Code

This Saturday I finally placed my first order with Peapod by Giant and I have to say I am super impressed. Placing the order was even easier than I expected. I simply logged in to Peapod and added my Giant Bonus Card to ensure that I was getting all the best savings. The site has a link with all the weekly specials; I scanned over it to see if anything on my list was on sale. I noticed that Perdue Oven Stuffer Roasters were 50% off so I began by adding one to my cart. I went ahead and ordered milk, pretzels, eggs, lunch meat (sliced thin), frozen pie shells, frozen spinach and the remainder of my necessities for the week. I really love how each item shows up in a list on the screen which tallies the order as you add items. And the site also keeps track of your purchase so that you can refer to it for staple items to make shopping easier during future visits.

I set up my delivery for 8 PM-10 PM the next day when I knew I would be home after a busy day with the kids. At 8:19 PM, I received a text that my driver was on the way and at 8:29 PM, my order arrived along with a second text – like clockwork!

The driver offered to carry my groceries into my home. He brought them into my kitchen neatly packed in heavy duty plastic grocery bags and gently placed them on the counter for me. He handed me my receipt and noted that the spinach I had ordered was out of stock and that I would receive credit for that item on my bill. I handed him an envelope with my coupons and he was back out the door in minutes. (I did give him a small tip, but he did not appear to expect it in any way.)

All of the groceries were at perfect temperature, the eggs were completely intact with no cracks and the Perdue Roaster was a whopping 8 lbs! My pretzels were not crushed and the pie shells were perfect. I have to say – the groceries were packed with more care than I do when I am shopping. I was a little irritated that the spinach was not in stock and I wished someone from Peapod would have called me to offer a substitution. I was planning to bake a quiche the next day so I could have easily substituted fresh or frozen broccoli or fresh spinach. I also was disappointed when I opened my peppered ham, the lunch meat did not appear to be sliced thin; it was actually a regular to thick cut.

The day after receiving my order, I received a follow up call from a  Peapod representative asking about my experience. I noted that the spinach I ordered was not in stock and that the lunch meat I purchased was not thinly sliced. The representative made notes of my complaints to pass on to the Peapod team. She also recommended that I call Peapod anytime that I am not satisfied with an item or receive an item incorrectly or damaged. They gave me a full credit for the cost of the lunch meat, because it was not properly sliced. I also received a very sincere apology for the mistake. The customer service from Peapod is outstanding and they really do go out of their way to keep customers happy and satisfied with their service.

Would I order again? Absolutely!! I love that I do not have to drag the kids out to the store and chase them frantically while I am trying to shop. I can place my order at my convenience. I do not have to stand in any lines and I can still use coupons and save money without having to invest so much time at the store itself. Although Peapod does not stock everything that I would find in the regular store, the selection on the site is quite extensive and certainly would allow for me to have to go to the grocery store much less often.

Would you like to give Peapod by Giant a try?  If so, sign up for Peapod HERE and use code BLOGPHL to get $20 off your first order of $60 or more and free delivery for 60 days after your first purchase.  This service would also be perfect for getting food to an elderly family member, new parents, or a holiday gift for a busy friend.

For more details about Peapod, be sure to check out my previous post HERE.

What are your thoughts about grocery delivery service? Has anyone else given this a try?

Disclosure: I was given a gift card to facilitate my review.  Opinions, as always, are my own. 


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