The Bzz on Purell Hand Sanitizer Jelly Wrap Carriers

I am a Mom and it is my job to keep my kids safe and healthy.  With flu season upon us, I am particularly meticulous about encouraging hand washing and sanitizing whenever possible.  Therefore it is no surprise that I jumped at the opportunity to participate in a wonderful Bzz campaign from BzzAgent featuring Purell Hand Santitizer.

My Bzz kit came with three 1.0 oz. Purell Hand Sanitizers in Jelly Wrap Carriers along with literature and coupons.  These awesome portable bottles easily clip onto purses, backpacks, key chains and diaper bags.  They come in cool colors, too, which made my kids even more excited about not only hooking them to their book bags, but also about using the product on a regular basis. 

What I really like most about Purell sanitizers is that they leave hands soft and refreshed due to the moisturizers and vitamin E contained in the product.  Other santizers often burn and leave hands dry and sticky.  With Purell, I did not have this problem at all.  Again, as a Mom I want to protect my kids skin, not make them sore and dry. 

According to the literature I received, Purell kills 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness and is the brand trusted by doctors and professionals.  This product sells in most retail stores like Walmart, Target and Walgreens.  It can be purchased in pump bottles, portable bottles, wipes and spray. 

I found the portable bottles to be most convenient when we are out and about and the family has touched things such as shopping cart handles, holding restaurant menus, touching buttons on the elevator and turning public door handles.  I keep the pump bottles around my home and use them on a regular basis as well.

What a simple way to do what I can to help my family battle the germs this cold and flu season.  When soap and water are not readily available, I can surely depend on my portable Purell to clean and sanitize – and to  be the ultimate weapon in what I like to call with the kids our little “Germ Busters” game!

Disclosure: I received a Bzz Kit from BzzAgent containing the aforementioned products.  All opinions are completely my own.      

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