Eversave: Healthy Breakfast Bar Deal from Gnu Foods $9 Shipped and More

Today’s featured Eversave save is a Gnu Foods 7 Bar Sampler from GnuFoods.com for $9 (shipping included). Hailed as “the Best Breakfast bar” in Self magazine, these bars pack a nutritional boost in seven delicious flavors! Each bar is just 130 to 140 calories and comes in flavors including Chocolate Brownie, Peanut Butter, Orange Cranberry and Banana Nut. YUMMO!

Today’s Save: Gnu Foods

Resolutions made easy: $9 for a 7 Bar Sampler from Gnu Foods — shipping included!

Bonus Save: Shoe Scandal

Step it up:$22 for a pair of stylish, Australian-style boots from Shoe Scandal

Bonus Save: Parents Magazine

Today’s Save:$5 for a two-year subscription to Parents magazine

Bonus Save: Sissy Little

Today’s Save:$25 for $60 worth of wall decals from Sissy Little, plus free shipping!

Bonus Save: South Beach Diet

Resolution ready?$39 for a six-month weight-loss membership to SouthBeachDiet.com ($130 value)

Bonus Save: Skinny Tees

Today’s Save:$25 for $50 worth of slimming tanks, tees, dresses and more from Skinny Tees

Bonus Save: Camry Scale

Today’s Save:$20 for a digital Camry body scale, plus free shipping

Bonus Save: VIOlight

Today’s Save:$20 for $40 worth of toothbrush sanitizing products and more from VIOlight.com

Bonus Save: Mittenberry

How handy:$12 for a pair of smartphone-friendly mittens, plus free shipping!

Bonus Save: ChiChi Collections

Today’s Save:$25 for $50 worth of stylish clothing, accessories and more from ChiChi Collections

Bonus Save: Silkies.com

Slimming Save:$20 for $40 worth of shapewear and hosiery from Silkies.com — free shipping!

Bonus Save: Marissa B.

Today’s Save:$25 for $50 worth of handcrafted artisan jewelry from Marissa B.

Bonus Save: MyFunkySocks.com

Today’s Save:$15 for $32 worth of fun socks and more at MyFunkySocks.com

Bonus Save: NuMe Style

Today’s Save:$42 for an Essential Moisturizing gift set from NuMe Style — shipping included!

Today’s Save: Tommi Salon and Spa

Today’s Save:$42 for a manicure and spa pedicure at Tommi Salon and Spa

Bonus Save: The Ramada Gateway

From $45:A one-night stay at The Ramada Gateway, A Walt Disney World Good Neighbor Hotel

Bonus Save: Fuji Mountain Japanese Restaurant

Today’s Save:$20 for $40 toward Japanese fare at Fuji Mountain

Bonus Save: Sissy Little

Today’s Save:$25 for $60 worth of wall decals from Sissy Little, plus free shipping!

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