OMG – I Have Found My New Favorite Slow Cooker Recipe!

OK, so I just had to follow up to let you know that I made the Tony Luke’s Italian Roast Pork (The Real Deal) recipe that I posted about in my Menu Plan Monday write up HERE.  OMG – Let’s just say it was absolutely mouth-wateringly delicious!  I used a center cut pork roast for the meat and used fresh herbs as called for in the recipe.  I slow cooked it all day in the slow cooker and about 1 hour before serving, I shredded the meat with two forks, discarded any visible fat and mixed it well with the juices the pork had created while cooking.  I served ours on light hamburger buns to cut back on calories.  I topped the sandwiches with one thin slice of sharp provolone cheese and a heap of spinach.  (I chose spinach as the broccoli rabe is a bit too bitter for my kids)  My entire family devoured their meals and went back for more!  This is a must try for all of you slow cooker fans like me – in fact this is my new favorite and definitely will be a regular part of our meal rotation!  Stop back and let me know what you think if you decide to give it a try.

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