DietBet: Keeping the Motivation

Last week I told you all about DietBet and the bet I’ve made with myself and my fellow Philly Mom Blogger competitors that I can lose 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks.  Well – the first week is over and so far we have all been LOSERS!  I had no idea that losing could feel so good.  I’ve spent my week planning meals, avoiding unhealthy snacks and heading to the Y for classes and workout time.  Already I feel more energetic and even more motivated than when I started.  I worked hard this week and honestly in no way have felt hungry or deprived.  I weighed in yesterday, and I am down 3 pounds. I can do this!
Part of my motivation is coming from keeping in touch with the other competitors.  We leave messages almost daily on the DietBet board and hearing from everyone helps us all stay focused.  These ladies have some amazing stories to share – each story is more inspiring than the next.  Encouraging one another through birthday parties and Valentine dinners (though they seem obstacles) have made us think about planning ahead so that these types of events do not spell disaster on the scale.
I am now looking forward to week 2 and I plan to continue on the same plan as I started with.  I have tried cutting back a little on carbs the first week; this week I am hoping to increase my water intake. 
This weekend I will be spending some time at the shore with friends for Girls Weekend, which means lots of wine, Scrabble and couch time.  I must admit, I am a bit nervous about how I am going to keep on track while away.  I will be packing healthy snacks, drinks and fruit to help limit temptation.  Hopefully my willpower will be in full force – and maybe I will even be able to persuade a friend or two to take a walk with me.
I’ll be checking in next week to let you know just how things worked out.
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Disclosure: I am participating in a DietBet with other Philly area Mom bloggers. I am not being compensated for this post. I am, however, hoping to win a portion of the pot, which DietBet has contributed to. All opinions and experinces are my own.

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