I’ve Made the DietBet! Now I Need you to Cheer Me On!

Last night I made a vow to myself that starting today I am going to kick it up a notch.  Weight loss and healthy living have been at the top of my priority list for sometime.  Although I have been regularly working out at the gym and attempting to eat healthy, I felt I could use a little kick in the butt to get this weight loss going.   Several weeks ago,  I learned about DietBet through a fellow Philly Social Media Mom. Along with several local Philadelphia area Mom bloggers, I have accepted the challenge from DietBet to lose 4% of my weight in 4 weeks.  Can I do it?  I may need some motivation along the way; so I’ll be depending on you to cheer me on! (Be aware if following along, you may see some trash talking among the competitors – it’s all in the strategy and fun of the game)

So, what is DietBet? DietBet is a weight loss challenge among a group of friends.  Each group has have an organizer who arranges a percentage of weight loss agreement and amount of money to be contributed to the pot.  If more than one player reaches their goal at the end of the 4 weeks, the pot of money is split evenly among the winners. The concept is very fair and gives everyone a chance to win despite how many actual pounds they lose each week.  The ability for everyone to win is actually most motivational for me.  It eliminates the competition among those who may resort to cleanses and fasting as opposed to overall healthy eating.  I am looking to make a permanent lifestyle change and by playing a fair game, it is giving me just the motivation I need to get on track.  And best of all, DietBet is free (other than the money you contribute to the pot) and has wonderful free tools that make it easy to help you succeed at your weight loss goals!   

Last night, we officially weighed in at Tony Luke’s in South Philly.  You may be wondering how a cheesesteak joint could possibly be the official weigh in location.  Well, part of that is because Tony Luke Jr himself was there to chat with us and spread around some of his awesome motivation.  Did you know that Tony Luke lost 131 pounds?  If that’s not inspiring, I know know what is!  He looks amazing and he was more than happy to share his weight loss journey, tips and energy with us.  As Tony mentioned last night, you cannot look at weight loss as “dieting” – rather it is lifestyle changes that will carry you through to long term success. That is just the type of advice I needed to hear.  Head over to Twitter and follow Tony Luke Jr to hear just what he has to say.

Yes, today is a big day for me.  It’s time to refocus, plan meals and make time to exercise and maximize my calorie burn.  I hope you will follow me on my journey; I can use all the support I can get!  Head over to DietBet’s Facebook Page and DietBet’s Twitter page to keep up with the fun.  I’ll be checking in with updates weekly on the blog and daily on Twitter @DelcoDealDiva.

Disclosure: I am participating in a DietBet with other Philly area Mom bloggers.  I am not being compensated for this post.  I am, however, hoping to win a portion of the pot, which DietBet has contributed to.  All opinions and experinces are my own. 


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