The Vow – It’s the Perfect Valentine’s Day Movie

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see a pre-screening of The Vow with a few of my fellow Philly Social Media Moms.  I have to admit, I was super excited to see this movie, as The Notebook is my all time favorite.  When I heard that Rachael McAdams was starring in this romantic film with Channing Tatum, I knew it was going to be on my list of must-see films.

Let me begin my saying, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day movie for those of you who love sappy love stories. Based on a true story, the movie chronicles the story about a sweet couple, who shortly after marrying, fall victim to a car accident that leaves Paige (Rachael McAdams) with no recollection of the past five years of her life, including her marriage.

The movie pieces together the struggle this couple must endure to rekindle the love and romance that brought them together.  The flashbacks of their life together makes you fall in love with them as a couple over and over again. 

Leo’s (Channing Tatum) boyish charm and persistence to prove his love melted my heart.  It is almost painful to have to watch him get his heart broken over and over again as Rachael (McAdams) tries to regain the memories of her past.  Oh – and did I mention those abs?  And that smile?  I must have asked myself a million times during this movie – How could she forget that this gorgeous hunk of a man is her husband? {{{SIGH}}} Every time tears would well up in Tatum’s eyes, I couldn’t help but cry with him. Let’s face it – I just wanted to jump through that screen and hug him. 

I will warn – this movie is all about the romance.  If you are not into this type of movie, I’d say run now.  But for those of you, like me, who melt at movies like this, I say grab your husband (if he’s willing to sit and watch you cry and sigh throughout the entire movie) or if not, I suggest making it a Girls Night Out – you will have a ton to talk about after the movie over coffee or wine…(and much of the conversation will most likely focus on Channing Tatum).

Although not as powerful as The Notebook, this PG-13 movie is certainly worth grabbing some tissues and heading to the Box Office to see. It definitely pulled at my heartstrings and left me wondering “What would I do if I lost recollection of the past 5 years of my life?” 

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