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Tuesday night was the big weigh in.  I have been working incredibly hard all month to meet my DietBet goal, which was to lose 4% of my body weight in 28 days.  I actually had butterflies in my stomach waiting to weigh in.  It’s always so much easier to jump on that scale in the morning with a jolt of confidence – but waiting until evening – well that’s just plain nerve-wrecking (especially after a long week of being sick with no workouts last week)!

I am proud to report that I not only met my goal – I actually exceeded it!  With a total loss of 8 1/2 pounds, excited doesn’t begin to descibe the feeling! And get this – as a group, we lost a total of 94 lbs!  That’s equivalent to a large child – AMAZING, huh? 

DietBet was just the push I needed to focus, get on track and relish the motivation of my fellow competitors.  When I tell you these ladies are amazing – I kid you not!  We supported each other by keeping in touch on the DietBet boards and posting updates about our progress.  We boosted each other’s spirits along the way and we all lost as a result of it.  Although it was a competition, I loved that there was more than one winner and we all had an even shot at making our goals. (And when we did, we cheered each other on right up to the end)  We all may have followed different weight loss plans, but in the end we were all successful and learned so much from each other.  We have decided to keep in touch for the long term and continue to offer suport and encouragement to one another.  I am so happy that I decided to be a part of this challenge.  Many thanks to Heather, Kelly, JenStephanie, Meredith, Violet, Mary Ellen and Joey for embarking on this DietBet with me.  I look forward to continuing to lose with all of you! 

If you would like to start a DietBet challenge of your own, DietBet is currently willing to put up to $25 into your pot if you follow these steps:

1. Start a game with DietBet using this link HERE (You must use this link)
2. Set the weight goal and bet amount.
3. Get four or more friends to play with you.
4. Use DietBet to hold the pot and they will spot your stake up to $25. So, if everyone is betting $25, they will add $25. If bets are $20, they will add $20 to your pot.

Disclosure: I participated in a DietBet with other Philly area Mom bloggers in which DietBet contributed money to the pot. All opinions and experiences are my own.


  1. Ah, this is brilliant! Just sent it to some friends to see if they want to try it with me…

    • It is a great concept! I absolutely loved the approach and would love to hear about it if you and your friends decide to participate in one. Please keep me posted and good luck!

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