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As a busy Mom, I know how hard it is to not only plan meals but remember to purchase all of the items I need when grocery shopping. Now juggling all of this while trying to incorporate sale items from the weekly grocery ad – well that is just a job within itself.  That’s where Food on the Table, a online site that plans meals for you based on the weekly sale ads at your choice of local grocery stores and helps you devise your grocery list with exactly what you need, comes to the rescue.   The service lets you choose your favorite meats, meal types (Italian, Mexican, etc) and plans your meals according to preferences. And for those of you with iPhones – yep, they even have an iPhone app! Sound too good to be true? Check it out for yourself – Simply click the banner picture link above to join and get started – all you need is your email address to sign up. Normally, you can get up to 3 meals/week for free or pay $5 monthly for the premium upgrade.  Right now you can join for free when you use promo code MARFREE throughout the month of March!  If you use this promo code, you will get to use the service free for life.

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