Six Free Products from Vistaprint – Perfect for Rewarding and Encouraging Your Child

Let’s face it – school can be tough on the kids.  There is lots of hard work that goes into studying and getting good grades. Vistaprint is offering  fun ways to reward and motivate your kids and show them how proud you are of their performance.  I know my kids love recognition and these are inexpensive and personal.  You can easily sneak a personalized pen or note into their backpack or create special gift certificates (for a special treat or special day out with Mom or Dad) to present them with when they really shine.  Best part about all of these products are they are free – you just pay shipping! Go HERE to check them out for yourself
Shipping Prices start at:
Notecards: $4.66

Note Pad: $4.54
Sticky Notes: $4.56
Notebook: $4.74
Pen: $4.60
Gift Certificate: $4.67

Sample Gift Certificate:

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