Menu Plan Monday: What’s Cookin’ at Our House This Week

Monday – Out to dinner for my daughter Hailey’s Birthday.  I think we may try checking out Front Street Fountain in Media

Tuesday – My son has a baseball game right at dinner time so we will probably make some turkey hot dogs and a salad for dinner.

Wednesday – I have CPR renewal class around dinner time and my son has a baseball game so I am thinking maybe grilled cheese for the kids and tuna melts or tuna sandwiches for me and my hubby with a chopped veggies and chickpea salad as a side dish.

Thursday – Crockpot Teriayki Chicken served over rice (I never made this last Monday, instead I found some eggs that were almost ready to expire so I ended up cooking breakfast for dinner with eggs, turkey sausage and hash browns)

Friday – Date Night!

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