Petition to Help Save the Arts in Upper Darby School District

How would you feel if you found out that specials such as gym, art, music and foreign language were in jeopardy of being eliminated from your child’s school?  Unfortunately, this scanerio is currently a reality in the Upper Darby School District, where a budget proposal to cut these specials is set to go in front of the board on June 30th.   Although my children do not attend school in the Upper Darby district, I cannot help but be saddened and concerned as to how these type of state cuts could affect my children’s own school in the future. 

Please take a minute to read and sign the following petition:

We are writing to you, mother to mother, parent to parent, to ask for your help.  You may be aware that in the Upper Darby School District, located just outside of Philadelphia, the administration has proposed cutting arts, music, library, and physical education at the elementary school level, and foreign language at the middle school level.   This is critical—the board will be voting on this budget by June 30th, and implementing in the upcoming school year if it passes.  Their budget proposal was formed in response to a funding crisis that is sweeping across the state of Pennsylvania. 

Many people who are not directly affected think that this is not relevant to them, but we want you to know that if you believe in public education, it is critical that you pay attention. We plan to travel as a group to Harrisburg on June 6th and are collecting signatures on the attached petition.  Please take the time to go and sign it.  We need a total of 30,000 signatures and need your help! 

Thank you from the concerned parents at Save Upper Darby Arts (SUDA).

Sign the petition HERE (This is the most important action you can do right now and it takes less than 60 seconds-they need 14,000 more signatures!)  Then share it, ask your friends, husband, etc to sign too. 

Save Upper Darby Arts information and website can be found HERE

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