Why My Family and I Would Love to Attend The Digital Family Summit

Ever since I started my blog a little over a year ago, my 9 year-old-son has been expressing interest in blogging and doing product reviews of his own.  Now that he is getting older and building his writing skills, I would love to help him make this dream of his come true.  I think it would be not only a great way of learning to express himself through writing, but I also think it would give him and the rest of my family more of an appreciation of all of the time and energy I put into my blog.  In addition, my 20 year-old-daughter is currently studying business and marketing in college and I really think she would enjoy learning more about blogging and social media.  The more my family is expressing interest in social media, the more I realize that we really could turn this into a fun family affair!

That’s why I was so excited when I found out that The Digital Family Summit is coming to Philadelphia June 29th through July 1st at the Sheraton Society Hill.  This fun and interactive conference will provide plenty of personal guidance and hands-on opportunities for young, budding bloggers, vloggers, gamers and related social media fields. Families will have the opportunity to meet with brands and help build the skills and connections necessary to take their children’s talents and interests to the next level.  What an amazing opportunity this would be to expose my son and daughter to a conference and help my family to get a better understanding of what I do as a blogger and why I find conferences to be so important to my own learning.

My fingers and toes are crossed that our family gets the opportunity to attend this family-friendly conference this summer – and maybe – just maybe you will be seeing some guest posts from my family members in the near future!


  1. Awesome post. Can’t wait to meet you and your family because you will be going!!! You are the winner! I just emailed you.

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