Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam – Our First Experience

Last Saturday my family and I had the pleasure of joining Jenn from Jersey Family Fun at Monster Jam in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field.  A first experience for all of us, we really had no idea what to expect when we arrived.  My son was super excited and counted down the days leading up to Monster Jam.  He’s watched the Monster Jam trucks on TV for quite some time and has become a huge fan of Grave Digger.  I knew he was going to be in for a real treat when Jenn invited us to come along.

Upon arriving at Lincoln Financial Field, we were amazed at the large crowd that was coming out to see these over sized trucks in action.  In line, we quickly met up with other Philly Social Media Moms including Sherry from Super Exhausted and Hillary from My Scraps.  After chatting we went on our way as we soon found out that Sherry, Hillary and their families were not sitting with us in our section.  We stopped for some refreshments then made our way to our seats – which by the way were amazing.  Section 100 and just rows from all of the action – my son became giggly all over again as we waited for the show to begin.  We were soon joined in our row by Kelly Brown from The Turnip Farmer and her lovely family.  There were no shortage of Philly Social Media Moms in the house for sure!

Thanks to the recommendation of friends, we brought along earmuffs and earplugs to help drown out the sound.  Even in the huge open stadium, the roar of the trucks was incredibly loud – even more than I could have ever expected.  I could have never been prepared enough for the amount of noise that goes on during the shows – but it all adds to the overall affect  and excitement of the performance. Like celebrities, the crowd roared at the site of each one.  As the favorites jumped, bounced and showed off their incredible speed and tricks, it was hard to hold back from ooh – ing and ahh-ing with the group.  Unbelievable as it may seem, during the wildly popular freestyle performances some of these trucks did complete back flips if you can believe it! Never a dull moment in this show – we witnessed everything from a perfect performance to trucks on fire, overturned trucks with twisted metal and even complete loss of tires! I really had no idea!  

I’ll have to admit – I never really jumped at the idea of attending a Monster Jam event.  But as most Moms of boys understand, there are just some things that get little boys all revved up – and this happens to be one of those things.  My son absolutely loved the show from start to finish.  His enthusiasm made the show just as enjoyable for me.  Besides, I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to have a date night with both of my boys.  Monster Jam certainly did not disappoint.  I was surprised at the fact that this show was so extremely long – lasting until around 11:00 PM at night.  It amazed me at the tireless energy that goes into these nerve gripping, edge of your seat and dare devilish performances.


It has been a full week since the event and my son is still talking about the show.  Let’s just say that I think we will be making this a new yearly tradition – an incredibly wild, stunt filled and loud date night with my favorite boys – Monster Jam style!     


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  2. There’s definitely something about seeing multi-ton machines flying through the air that gets everyone’s blood going. If people can’t handle the noise I understand that, but I think most non-monster truck fans are just people who haven’t been to a show yet!

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