Brave {Movie Review}

Disney Pixar’s Brave is now playing at a theater near you!  Did you head out to see it this weekend?  Our family has been anxiously awaiting the release of this film for the last several months as we are huge fans of Disney Pixar films.

My 9-year-old-son had the privilege of being my date for the prescreening of Brave this past Wednesday evening.  We were thrilled to be attending the event and enjoying a fun Mommy-son night out at the movies.  As we were handed 3D glasses as we entered the movie theater, I knew we were in for a real treat.  Disney Pixar’s animation is always superb so the idea of enjoying 3D quality made me that much more excited to view the film.

Set in an enchanted Celtic setting, the 3D certainly added to the overall experience. The bright, vivid colors from the fiery red hair atop Merida’s head to the lavish green lands beyond the castle were a non stop visual delight.  We were made to feel as if we were swept right into the movie and I found myself ducking and swaying at times as images jumped off the screen. Immerse this with the lovely Irish music and brogue throughout the movie – well that’s where the Disney Pixar’s brillance ultimately shined – as it always does.  

This certainly isn’t your typical Princess movie.  Princess Merida is strong, BRAVE and knows what she wants.  She wants to experience life, getting up and close with the outdoors and living life her way.  Unfortunately as a product of royalty, her Mother has quite different plans for her.  She wants Merida to learn to live and act like a princess.  Merida revolts and off she goes, running away and into the forest where she meets a witch who she hopes can change her fate.  For once, this movie does not end with a fairy princess falling in love with a handsome prince – in fact it is the exact opposite – and I found that aspect quite refreshing.  

The movie got me to thinking about my relationship with my own 20-year-old daughter.  I thought about my ideals for her and the decisions I struggle with as a parent.  I could certainly relate to the characters throughout the film.  Let’s face it – parents and their kids have misunderstandings – and we are all guilty of not totally listening to one another all the time.  There are so many lessons to be learned here – the greatest of all being opening your heart, listening and forgiving.   

And although I really enjoyed the movie, I am not so sure I am excited about my 5-year-old seeing it.  Why?  Well, there are two scenes with bare bums running across the screen.  Funny? For adults yes – for kids – not so much.  Certainly not necessary for a movie, which I was led to believe was to appeal as much to a young child as an adult.  There is also a very busty female character and in several scenes there are obvious innuendos that cause much focus on her ample bosom – again not necessary in a kids movie.  Finally – there are bears involved in this film.  Big, loud, jump out of the screen bears.   Some of the noise, fighting and overall imagery is downright frightening and even more so in 3D.  Heck, I jumped in my seat a few times.  Other aspects of the film such as dark forest scenes, witchery, and fighting within the castle were all more suitable to a more mature audience and the more I watched, the more I got to thinking about how comfortable I would be letting my 5-year-old view it.

That being said, when it comes to Disney princesses, Merida is by far the most modern, down to earth princess of the bunch. You will not find handsome princes, kisses and a wedding story ending to this film.  Although it was not my very favorite Disney Pixar film, I did still enjoy it very much.  I would just advise exercising caution if you choose to view the film with young children.  Without giving too much away, you can expect a very lovely ending full of true love and respect – and the strength of family worth.

For those of you who did see Brave this weekend, what did you think? 

Disclosure: I was given two tickets to attend a prescreening of Disney Pixar’s Brave.  All expressed opinions are my own.


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