Maximize Your Online Savings with Promo Codes

It’s no secret that I love a great deal! But loving great deals does not necessarily mean that I love frequenting stores.  Lately, I have been doing more and more shopping online.  I find that it saves time, money, gas and the headache of dragging my kids along to the store with me.  When shopping online, I also find that I make less impulse purchases.  Best of all, shopping can be done on my time – even if it’s midnight in the middle of the week.

I like to think of online shopping as a game. How much can I save? How can I combine codes to get the best deals? Which other items can I check off my shopping list so that I can reach the minimum amount for free online shipping at my favorite online stores such as Lands End, Target and Kohls?

The key to making shopping online easier and most beneficial is to find discount and free shipping codes to use on your orders.  Searching for these codes can often be tedious and time consuming.  It gets frustrating when you find a random code only to find out that it is expired or invalid. Sites like take away the hassle – making online shopping easy and worthwhile.  This particular site is so organized that even a novice online shopper could easily navigate the page. If you have favorite online stores you like to shop, the site gives you the option to have codes emailed to you whenever new codes are added. No need to keep checking back – does the work for you. If that’s not enough, this site has an entire page dedicated to free shipping codes.  For me, well – that is pretty much love at first sight.   

Online promo codes work much like coupons.  A savvy shopper may wait for the best codes to come along before they make a purchase.  You will find that holidays are often the best time of year to shop online.  Stores love to compete and free shipping seems to pop up frequently all over the web.  Combine free shipping with the online promo codes you come across and you may even make out better than you would at the store.  Many times, more sizes and styles are available online and in the process you also save a ton of time and gas.

Some important things you must keep in mind when shopping online is that shipping takes time.  You should not wait until the last minute to order gifts or you will risk having to pay the price for rapid shipping.  You should also take the time to shop around.  Check out other similar stores that sell the item you are looking to purchase and compare all of their prices and available promo codes to see exactly where you can get the best overall deal.  If you are not in a rush to make a purchase, wait for sales.  Online sales are often very competitive even without the promo codes so imagine how much you could save with the extra discounts.

Finally, make a separate mail account and sign up for newsletters from your favorite stores.  Many newsletters contain exclusive money saving deals that you may otherwise miss out on if you had not been on their list.  Making a separate email account will eliminate clogging up your personal email account.

Why would you pay full price when you can get it for less?  Next time you are shopping online, take a minute to find your favorite store at  Chances are that you are bound to save a few dollars – and maybe even a bundle!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post; however, all opinions expressed, as always, are my own.

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