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Since we purchased our Keurig last year, my husband and I have been using it daily – and saving a ton of money brewing our own coffee and tea at home.  Now that summer is here, I still love drinking my coffee and tea, but I prefer it iced – and I cannot get enough of it.  Recently, BzzAgent offered to send me a few Brew Over Ice K-cups to sample and boy was I excited to give them a try.

Just as simple to brew as the regular K-cups, simply fill your cup with ice, pop in the K-cup of your choice and choose either the  6 or 8 ounce setting to brew.  When complete, add more iced if needed.  Most of the iced teas are presweetened and ready to drink.   For the coffee cups, add your favorite sweetener and/or creamer if you desire and enjoy!  Sure beats standing in the long lines at the coffee store – and you get to brew and serve it just the way you like it.  I’ve found that using an insulated cup keeps it cold longer – and is perfect for transporting on-the-go.  You can purchase them online at or locally at Target, Wal-Mart and Bed Bath & Beyond. 

The Brew Over Ice K-cups come in your choice of nine iced coffee and iced tea flavors including Nantucket Blend, French Vanilla and Hazelnut Coffee flavors and Southern Sweet, Half and Half, Sweet Raspberry, Sweet Lemon, Sweet Peach and Unsweetened Black iced teas.  I have to say – the Half Tea Half Lemonade is my new personal favorite!

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Gotta run – my Keurig just finished brewing my iced coffee.  What a perfect cool and refreshing mid day pick-me-up!

Disclosure: As a BzzAgent member, I was chosen to receive sample Brew Over Ice coffee and iced tea from BzzAgent. In addition, I received this cool insulated tumbler and coupons.  All expressed opinions are my own.

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