Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls {Party & Review} #HeartsforHeartsGirls

My daughter is crazy about dolls.  I cannot begin to explain her reaction when I told her that we were going to get a bunch of her friends together to learn about some fabulous dolls called Hearts for Hearts Girls from Playmates Toys.   These dolls are somewhat unique from other dolls on the market for several reasons.  First, each doll is representative of real girls from real places around the world.  There are nine dolls total, each beautifully crafted, beautifully dressed in their native fashions and so easy to instantly fall in love with.  (Just ask all of the sweet girls who attended our party last week).  Here is a list of the current dolls and their native lands:

  • Lauryce, USA, New Orleans
  • Mosi, USA Native American
  • Dell, USA Appalachia
  • Consuelo, Mexico
  • Tipi, Laos
  • Zelia, Brazil
  • Lilian, Belarus
  • Rachel, Ethiopia
  • Nahji, India

Each doll comes with a bracelet for your little girl to wear as well as a storybook, which essentially is a little diary of her life, her culture, her family, her friends and what she is doing to help those around her.  With each doll purchased, Hearts for Hearts girls donates a portion of the purchase price to their charitable partner, World Vision, where the proceeds are distributed to programs that support girls in that country.  So not only will your child be learning about the doll’s life and culture, but they will also be learning about giving back to others and how they can make a difference in the world around them.  The more I have learned about these dolls, the more I love them, and as a Mom I feel especially good about all of the positive benefits my daughter is receiving by learning about and playing with her doll.

MommyParties generously sent a huge package for my daughter and her friends to enjoy which included recipes, games, activities and two Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls, Lauryce from New Orleans and Consuelo from Mexico – one for my daughter to keep and one to give away to a party attendee.  Each girl was also given a bracelet and one to share with a friend, a passport with fun activities, information and pictures of each of the dolls as well as special coupon codes to share with everyone attending.

Each of the girls enjoyed telling about themselves and drawing self portraits in their individual passports.  We talked about where each of us were from and ways we like to help others.  The girls were interested in hearing about the dolls names and cultures and they each took turns playing with my daughter’s Lauryce doll throughout the party.  Needless to say, the winner of the Consuelo doll was tickled pink!  By the end of the gathering, all of the girls were choosing which doll they would like to own and planning future tea parties with their new doll friends.  Moms of the attendees also seemed to enjoy the dolls and what they represent and we all agreed that these would make for fantastic holiday or birthday gifts.  I am certain this will be one of my go-to gifts to give this year!

Take a closer look at these beauties!  Aren’t they just precious?  I love all of the details from their eyes and facial expressions to their lovely clothes and dainty jewelry.  Each one is as pretty as the next.  They are a perfect size and weight too, making them easy to transport and enjoy no matter where you go.  My daughter brings hers everywhere with us – and we have received  so many compliments on her.

Dolls are reasonably priced on average approximately $27 – $30 per doll.  Dolls can be purchased online through Amazon,  Playmates Toys , Target, Walmart and Toys R Us.  Fashions and accessories are also available.  Dolls are geared to girls ages 6 and up and are perfect for gift giving.  I also highly recommend checking out all of the fun activities and stories on the Heart For Heart Girls website HERE.

My apologies for the lack of party pictures in my post; unfortunately a few days after my party, I dropped my iPhone into a basin of water in my sink and the phone was completely damaged. Because of the damage, my pictures from the party were unable to be retrieved.  I hope you can still enjoy some of the pictures I was able to take after replacing my phone.  Lesson learned – always download and back up pictures from your iPhone when using it as a primary camera!

Many thanks to Playmates Toys, MommiesParties and MomSelect for providing me with the Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls and party package.  All expressed opinions in this post are my own, and I must say – these dolls have quickly become a new favorite in our house!!

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