CuddleUppets – Blankets that are Puppets! {Review}

My children have been giggling and singing the cute CuddleUppets jingle since they first saw the commercials on TV earlier this year.  That jingle is catchy and if you haven’t heard it already, you must not be watching much TV! 

CuddleUppets are exactly what the jingle says, “Cuddle CuddleUppets, Cuddle CuddleUppets, Blankets that are Puppets, Blankets that are Puppets”.  My kids have been asking for one for quite sometime.  So, when the package arrived in the mail for our review, let’s say there was a bit of excitement at our house.

We received an adorable Pink Poodle.  At 28″ x 39″ in size, it is the perfect length to wrap around a preschool age child or to drape around the shoulders or across the lap of an older child.  I cannot tell you how incredibly soft and cuddly these are! I was amazed at the silky plush feel and just how warm they are.  The head can even be used as a mini pillow in a pinch.  I can see why kids would love taking these everywhere they go.  They would be perfect for a car or airplane ride or to take along for sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa’s house!  Best of all, they are machine washable to keep them looking their best.

Take a peek at what my kids are saying about their CuddleUppet:

My favorite feature is that the head is a puppet.  The kids have been having so much fun making the puppet talk and sing.  I love how they can use their imagination and creativity to create their own fun.  I even caught my daughter having a conversation with hers.  (How cute!)  Adult and child size hands can easily fit into the puppet and the head and mouth move easily without much effort.  The pink poodle dog has a long pink tongue, the eyes are embroidered and the nose is made of a synthetic soft leather like material.  The details are adorable – all the way down to the four paws – one on each blanket corner.  How could you not fall in love with these?


If pink poodles do not tickle your fancy, other CuddleUppet styles include a green crocodile, yellow dog, purple monkey, blue elephant, brown bear, pink ladybug and magic unicorn.   With a price under $20, these would make great gifts for the holidays!  You can find them on Amazon HERE or at the CuddleUppets website HERE

Will you be adding these super snuggly CuddleUppets to your holiday gift list this year?

Disclosure: My family received a CuddleUppet for review.  I received no further compensation for this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.  


  1. so cute! I love it! Definitely on my gift giving list!

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