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Is Pinypon on your little girl’s Holiday wish list this year?  My daughter has been chatting about these mini dolls and playsets for weeks and I had no idea what they were until I found out that we were selected to host a MommyParties party for my daughter and her friends. 

As a chosen hostess, we were sent this amazing pack to host our party, allowing the girls to explore the wonderful world of Pinypon. We received 12 Pinypon dolls, 2 Pinypons caravans, and 2 Nenuco Newborn Makes Bubbles Baby Dolls, coupons, recipes and a hostess packet complete with game ideas. The second caravan and baby doll were both raffled off at the end of the party to two lucky guests!

If you have not already heard of Pinypon, let me fill you in.  Pinypon are mini dolls with parts that you can mix and match, swap, and exchange the look over and over again.  Hair, body, clothing, accessories and even their faces can be easily swapped to create new looks. In addition, there is a line of Pinypon accessories -all perfect for role playing.  Check out this great video from Pinypon to see how they work:

This afternoon, my daughter’s friends and their Moms arrived for our lunch playdate and party. They set out a blanket picnic-style and each of them chose a favorite Pinypon to play with and keep. The girls had a blast giggling and swapping the dolls’ hair and clothes. After lunch and playtime, the girls enjoyed games including a Pinypon Scavenger hunt, a mini fashion show and cupcake decorating!

Needless to say, my daughter was over the moon to finally take the Pinypon caravan and Nenuco dolls out of the box so the girls could have a blast playing with them all.

 Even our friend’s son got in on the action and was overjoyed to hang out with the boy Pinypon doll!

Throughout the party, the girls took turns feeding and caring for the sweet Nenuco Newborn Makes Bubbles baby doll.  Guess what?  She even comes with a bottle and potty – she would be great for a little one who is potty training!

All of the kids were crazy about all of the toys and they even kept my daughter occupied long after her friends were gone.  My daughter is already requesting more Pinypon dolls and accessories (specifically the shopping mall) for Christmas!  I will say that there are lots of tiny pieces with the playset, so keep this in mind, as a watchful eye and a place to keep tiny parts organized is a must.  In addition, because of the small parts, the dolls and sets are only recommended for kids ages 4 and up.   
So, now that you have learned a little about these adorable dolls, what do you think?  Do you think your child would enjoy these as a gift this holiday season?

If you are considering Pinypon as a gift, they can be purchased at Amazon HERE or Toys R Us. Be sure to print out money saving coupons HERE as well.

Be sure to follow Pinypon and Nenuco on their social network pages below to keep up with all of the newest products, promotions, coupons and more!
www.Pinypon.com www.NenucoFamosa.com

Many thanks to MomSelect, MommyParties, Pinypon and Nenuco for selecting us to host a party, share all of the fun with our friends, and introduce us to some awesome new toys!  We had such a blast and look forward to adding to our Pinypon collection.

Disclosure: As a member of Mom Select, I was chosen to be a MommyParties host for this party.  I received the products mentioned in the post to keep as well as share with our party guests.  I received no further compensation.  All opinions, as always, are my own.

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