Elf Outfitters – Accessories and Inspiration for Your Elf {Review}

My kids are absolutely obsessed with our elf, Kandy Kane.  For the past three years from Thanksgiving through Christmas eve, Kandy Kane hangs around the house keeping an eye on the kids and reporting back to Santa as to whether they have been being naughty or nice.  Let’s just say our elf has been quite mischievous over the years and it’s brought such joy and laughs to my children as they eagerly awake each day to see what he has been up to next.

We have woken up to Kandy Kane soaking in a cotton ball bath

 Toilet papering the house

Drinking syrup

Sliding down our banister in a shoe

 Having a picnic with some friends

Making art projects

Building Legos

Making Snow angels
Even using the potty!

Creativity, no doubt, plays a huge part in keeping this fun (and crazy) tradition alive!  And this is exactly why I am so excited to tell you about Elf Outfitters.  Elf Outfitters is a new online company who is creating fun (and oh so adorable) outfits that are sure to transform your elf into new and imaginative characters that will undoubtedly bring joy to your children’s sweet little faces. Created to fit elves of various sizes, they are versatile, affordable and just plain fun!  Who knew our elves could turn into fashionistas?

I do not know about you, but I am in no way creative enough (nor can I find the time) to sew and create cool outfits for our beloved Kandy Kane.  Elf Outfitters not only makes the outfits, but they also have a fun website with Elf ideas, printables, resources and more.  Yep – no more pulling out your hair coming up with ways to keep the elf tradition alive!  Elf Outfitters has you covered!

Currently there are six adorable outfits to choose from, and each comes with fun accessories to complete the look.  Best of all, items ship free with standard shipping within the US.

  • Elf Hawaiian Luau Kit (includes Grass Skirt, Coconut Bra, Beach Towel, Umbrella, Elf Ideas Inspiration Card) $7.00
  • Elf Holiday Apron Kit (includes Reversible Holiday Apron, Cookie Cutter, Elf Ideas Inspiration Card) $7.00
  • Elf Sleeping Bag Kit (includes Ripstop Nylon Sleeping Bag, Pillow,Elf Ideas Inspiration Card) $8.00
  • Elf Superhero Kit (includes Superhero Cape with Personalized Letter, Adhesive Masks, Elf Ideas inspiration Card) $8.00
  • Elf Tutu Princess Kit (includes Tulle Tutu, Wand, Bejeweled Tiara, Elf Ideas Inspiration Card) $10.00
  • Elf Winter Weather Kit (includes Vest, Earmuffs, Scarf, Elf Ideas Inspiration Card) $8.00

Our family was lucky enough to receive a Superhero kit to check out for ourselves – and boy was it a hit with our kids! Complete with personalized cape – you guessed it “KK” for Kandy Kane, reusable sticky masks (in several sizes to fit your elf – or to place on other favorite dolls such as Barbies or other similar dolls who may be part of your overall idea) and a note card with ideas for enhancing the fun, this kit was plain awesome. The cape is well made with a string long enough to tie and secure around our elf.  The colors are vivid and bright.  The masks are super cute and re-positionable in case you do not place it on correctly the first time. What is there not to love?

Here’s a few pictures of our Super Elf in Action:

It was no surprise that my kids were laughing and overjoyed to find their “Super Hero” zip lining through the dining room when they awoke the next day!
Coming up with new adventures with our new superhero kit is bound to be part of the fun; I know I’ll be looking to Elf Outfitters Facebook and Twitter  pages for more inspiration.
What creative things has your elf been up to this year? Have you checked out ElfOutfitters.com? What do you think?

Disclosure: My family received a superhero elf kit from Elf Outfitters to facilitate our review.  All opinions, as always, are my own.


  1. Thanks for posting photos. I am running out of ideas for the last few days of Elf’ing. Going to use some of your ideas.

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