Woolzies Eco Friendly Dryer Balls {Review & Giveaway}

Laundry… In my house it never ends!  I throw a load in almost daily and I almost always follow by putting it in the dryer.  For many years I have been using plastic dryer balls.  My mother and mother-in-law both swear that they help cut back on drying time and eliminate the need for fabric sheets; I figured they were worth a shot. Besides, I was shocked to find out about all of the harsh chemicals that can be found in dryer sheets, many which are both toxic to the environment as well as the cause of allergic reactions in some people.  Since my youngest has somewhat sensitive skin, I decided that I needed to stop using dryer sheets altogether.  Until recently, I was happy with using the plastic dryer balls.  That is – until I recently began reading more about chemicals in plastic and how those chemicals can break down when heated. I stopped using the plastic dryer balls, but missed the benefits they were providing for my clothes.

Much to my excitement, a few weeks ago I was introduced to a product called Woolzies and was given the opportunity to review them.  Woolzies are dryer balls handmade of 100% Pure New Zealand Wool, which work as natural fabric softener in your dryer minus the harsh chemicals you find in leading liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets.  Since I am sensitive to wool, I was naturally a bit skeptical as to whether these would be a problem for me and my skin.  The box and instructions assure that since the wool is not directly touching the skin and does not shed during use, people with wool allergies or sensitivities should not have a problem using the Woolzies dryer balls.  With that, I decided to give them a try.

Each Woolzies box contains six XL wool balls.  Yes – you read that correctly – six.  Basically you toss all six balls in with your damp laundry and let them spin away in the dryer.  The first thing I noticed when using them is that they do not make any loud noises when bouncing around in the dryer.  The plastic balls that I had been using made the most annoying bumping noises when in use.  It was such a treat to have the excess noise gone when using these.  The first time I used these I decided to throw them in with a load of laundry.  As I began taking the clothes out of the dryer to fold, my children began laughing like hyenas as the balls came falling out of the dryer and rolling all over my floor.  I cannot tell you how amused they were watching me chase the balls all over my basement.  I successfully rounded up five immediately and found the sixth one stuffed in a long sleeve polo shirt of my son’s as I was folding.  Although chasing the balls was a bit of a nuisance, I think next time I may make it a game with my kids and let them empty the dryer for me.  Overall, I was extremely pleased that  all of the clothes dried evenly with no visible static cling except in one pair of fleece pants. I went back and re-read the information guide about Woolzies and it mentioned that you can further reduce static cling by throwing in a ball of aluminum foil about the same size as the Woolzies.  And that is exactly what I did with my next large load of towels.  Again, the towels dried in one cycle with no visible static cling.  So far I was very impressed but my final load was sure to put them to the real test.  I washed a comforter from my son’s bed.  Usually when I dry his comforter it takes more than one cycle.  I tossed in all six balls and a ball of aluminum foil and let it go for a full cycle.  When I pulled out the comforter at the end of the cycle, much to my complete surprise it was fully dry and ready to go back on his bed.  I have been using the Woolzies ever since and my only complaint would be the need to gather all of the balls back up every time I unload the dryer.  Other than that – I love them and I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found a safe alternative for my family.

Some facts about Woolzies from their packaging:

  • Softens naturally
  • Reduces static
  • Helps eliminate wrinkles
  • Reduces drying time (by up to 25% in large loads and even more in smaller loads)
  • Saves energy
  • Noise Free
  • Safe for people with wool sensitivities
  • 100% Eco friendly
  • Guaranteed to last for 1,000 loads 

Woolzies retail for $34.95 per box with free shipping anywhere in the USA and can be purchased on the Woolzies website HERE or from Amazon HERE. Because they eliminate the need to constantly spend money on fabric softener and fabric sheets that need to be replaced after each use, Woolzies will also save you money in the long run too – as they are guaranteed to last for at least  1,000 loads! Not to mention – they cut back on drying time saving you even more.

What do you think?  Would you like the chance to give Woolzies a try for yourself?  One lucky Delco Deal Diva reader is going to win on set of six Woolzies Dryer balls!  Simply enter via the easy Rafflecopter form below!  Winner will be selected on April 2, 2013.  Good Luck!

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Disclosure: I received a set of Woolzies dryer balls to facilitate this review. Opinions, as always, are 100% my own


  1. To reduce my drying time by 25%.

  2. I feel like I’m always doing laundry and would love to try these out! I love that they are eco-friendly!

  3. I would like to win for my sister who now has her 2 children and grandchildren with her most of the time. Hopefully, she would save money on her electric bill by cutting down drying time

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  7. id like to reduce drying time

  8. id like to win to save some $$$! and decrease dryer time. i live in a apartment, where you have to wash & dry your things as fast as possible… and the dryer dosnt work very well

  9. I love that there are involved like those dryer sheet things.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    These would be perfect for my sons laundry!

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