Koru Creamery Style Yoghurt {Review}

Yogurt is a staple in our house.  It’s a great snack that my whole family enjoys and one I feel good about giving my children.  You can bet that I was pretty excited to learn about a fairly new yoghurt brand at the Spring Mom Mixer I attended last month in Philadelphia and even more thrilled to give it a try. 

Let me introduce you to Koru Yoghurt!  Koru is a New Zealand creamery style yoghurt made with high quality ingredients and contains no preservatives.  It is lightly sweetened with sugar and honey and contains real fruit.  I will admit – I was wondering what they meant by “creamery style” before trying the product, but once I opened the cup and dipped my spoon into the smooth, creamy yoghurt, I could see right away what they mean.  It’s smooth, creamy texture is such a perfect consistency – not too thick and not to runny – it’s just perfect.  It’s that heavenly, melt-in-your mouth goodness that makes you go “yummmm” taste! 

The other thing that got me wondering when I was checking out the products was what the “h” in yoghurt is all about?  Basically it is a way of making a statement that this yoghurt a little unique, like it’s own way of standing out from the rest.  I, personally, think it’s rather cool!

Koru Yoghurt comes in five delicious and unique flavors, all of which I had the pleasure of trying (with the assistance of my family).  Flavors include Peach. Mango, Passion Fruit, Cherry + Pomegranate, and Strawberry + Gogi.

Each cup is clear so you can see the contents inside.  The fruit is layered at the bottom of the cup and the yoghurt is on the top.  The best way to eat the yogurt is to dip a spoon in prior to eating and mixing the contents well.  The yogurt itself without mixing the fruit into it reminded me of the taste of plain Greek yogurt.  Mixing the fruit into it gives it an extra sweetness which makes it taste like a yummy dessert!

Check out what my kids thought of the Cherry + Pomegranate and Strawberry + Gogi flavors:

As you can see from the video, my kids really enjoyed the yoghurt and have asked me since to buy more of both flavors that they tried.  I let them try the other three flavors (mango, peach and passion fruit)  when I was reviewing them and they were not as excited as they were about the two they originally tried.  I will have to agree that the Cherry + Pomegranate and Strawberry + Gogi were my favorites as well. I also happen to be a big fan of peach so peach, too, was pretty close to the top of my list.  And although the Mango and Passion Fruit were good, both were a bit sweeter than the others, which was a bit sweeter than I would usually enjoy.  I wish the fruit was separated in a more convenient way that I could control how much fruit mixes in with the yoghurt in which case the sweetness of  the mango and passion fruit would be a little easier for me to control.  Either way, now that we have found our favorites, we will be sure to keep these on hand for a truly delicious snack our whole family can enjoy.

Koru Yoghurt is currently available in the Greater Philadelphia area at local ACME, ShopRite and Weis stores as well as other stores throughout the Northeast and parts of the Great Lakes area. Go HERE to find out if Koru is sold near you.

Have you tried Koru Yoghurt yet?  What did you think?

Disclosure: I received samples and product coupons to facilitate this review.  Opinions, as always, are my own. 

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