Making Memories at The Barbie is Moving Tour #BarbieisMoving

When I think of Barbie, the first thing that comes to mind are wonderful memories of my childhood, spending countless hours playing with my Barbie dolls, my Barbie Dream House and my shiny pink Barbie corvette. Days were spent creating an imaginary world filled with hopes, dreams and fashion.  Flash forward to the present and now I have the joy of watching my own little girl creating her own world for Barbie and dreaming her own dreams and wishes for her – and nothing is more special to me than joining her in making special memories of her own.

Last Friday, I packed up the kids and headed over to Kohl’s parking lot in Havertown.  As we entered the lot, my daughter squealed with excitement as she set eyes on the huge Barbie house surrounded by fun activities and a huge line of Barbie fans.  To say there was a lot of pink is an understatement.  There is no doubt that Barbie loves her pink – and needless to say my daughter was thrilled by all things girly that surrounded us.  I explained to my daughter that “Barbie is Moving” and she is touring the country looking for a new place to live.  She was blown away by the idea that Barbie was visiting Havertown and there was a chance she may want to call this her new home!  Yippee!

We were welcomed and presented with adorable Barbie themed goodie bags by the sweetest and most outgoing staff – all appropriately dressed in adorable Barbie pink polo shirts.  They took us on a tour through Barbie’s house, where the girls were encouraged to accessorize their outfits with tutus and boas.  I watched as the little girls giggled with glee as they looked at themselves in the body length mirror.  Next they were escorted to an adorable white runway, complete with cameras and chairs for guests to watch.  The girls giggled and pranced before the cameras.  At the end of their walk, they posed for a very special picture.  The smiles practically lit up the room.  Before leaving, everyone was given a small card with instructions how to retrieve the pictures that were taken of the child directly online.  Many of the girls were heard chatting away and giggling with glee as they left Barbie’s house.



Outside of Barbie’s house, there were plenty of picture ops with full length Barbie cutouts, dog statues, dog shaped bushes and pink Barbie boxes inscribed with some of Barbie’s favorite things.


To the left of the house, there was several tables set up with everything needed to create a unique dress for Barbie.  The kids were able to choose their own stencils to rub onto the dress to create a pattern.   They then were able to use markers to color them any way they pleased.  Both of my kids had a blast getting creative and they were proud of their finished designs.  Of course, my daughter gave her brother a huge hug for making a unique dress for her Barbie’s best friend.



Face painters were on hand to paint special designs on the kids’ faces or arms.  My daughter opted for a rainbow – and loved the special treatment as the design was painted on her cheek.


Next up was a visit to the opposite side of Barbie’s house, which was a huge area filled with Barbie Mega Bloks .  My daughter was instantly drawn to the huge Mega Blok house and she ohhh’d and ahhh’d as she looked through each room.  She then excitedly scurried over to the building area where she began creating her very own room for Barbie.  After assembling a few pieces, she was presented with a special Barbie box filled with Mega Bloks, including her own mini Mega Blocks Barbie to put in the new room she created.  My kids sat for quite some time enjoying building with their new Mega Blocks.  I must say – the sets are so adorable!  My daughter is already asking when she can buy more!



When it came time to leave, my daughter quickly became sad, asking why we couldn’t stay all day.  I explained that Barbie had lots of fans waiting to see her house and have some fun just like she had.  She gave me the tightest hug and kiss and thanked me for bringing her to such a fun event.  Her enthusiasm was the best gift I could have asked for that day – as I had already enjoyed the visit just as much as she did.  Life is all about making memories – and this certainly was one of those perfect opportunities that I am so glad we were able to enjoy.

Although Barbie’s visits to the Philadelphia area have come and gone, her tour continues throughout the country.  Head HERE for a full list of cities she will be visiting this summer.

Are you a fan of Barbie?  Where do you think Barbie will choose to live?

Disclosure: My children and I attended the Barbie is Moving event as VIP Bloggers.  I received no monetary compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.




  1. Adorable! So much fun. I love Barbie, great memories for me 🙂 She should definitely live in Philly!!

  2. Looked like a ton of fun I was thinking about going didnt make it.

  3. Looks like so much fun!

  4. That looks like it was fun, wish they had similar stuff for boys.

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