Zoom Rocketz and ZoomZooka Air Blasting & Water Fun from Zing Toys {Review}

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Zing. We received Zoom Rocketz and a ZoomZooka to facilitate this review. All Opinions are 100% my own.
Zing Toys

Summer is here and with two kids home from school for the summer, it doesn’t take much for the stir crazies to set in at our house.    Encouraging my kids to get outside and play as much as possible all summer long is key to encouraging exercise, creative play and loads of fun.  Some days my kids have so much energy I have no idea how to channel it.  Zing toys have certainly come to the rescue more than once this summer and I love that they keep my kids busy outside as opposed to sitting inside watching TV or playing on their iPads. Much to our excitement, Zing sent us two really fun toys to review.  My son has been enjoying them since the package arrived in the mail last month and slowly my daughter is catching on to the fun as well.

Zoom Rocketz

The first toy we would like to tell you about is the Zoom Rocketz Air Powered Rockets with Sky High Flights.  If your kid loves to stomp jump and hop like mine does, he is going to love this toy.  Designed for kids ages 8 and up, the set comes with a Zoom Pad, 3 launch rockets, an airfuel flex hose and a launch tube system. Kids can set the launch arc to 3 different positions to shoot the rockets in varying directions.  Once the launch pad and rockets are all set, kids slam down on the launch pad with their foot causing the rocket to go soaring!  The harder they slam, the higher and further the rockets will launch. Can you believe this little toy is powerful enough to launch the rockets up to 150 feet? Crazy, huh?  As neighbors and friends, adults and kids alike watch, they cannot help but ask to take their own turn launching the rockets.  Kids can have fun getting competitive to see who can launch their rockets the highest and furthest.  The foam nose cone of the rocket is ultra light and bounces as it lands.  The rocket also has reflective foil making it easier to see the rockets as they soar and Roto fins for maximum altitude and spin.  Right now it retails for just $16.37 on Amazon making the price super affordable too!  Check out my son’s video review to watch Zoom Rocketz in action.


Zoom Zooka

One toy every kid enjoys in the summer is a water gun. Designed especially for kids ages 6 and up, ZoomZooka is the ultimate 4 in one air and water blaster with options to blast rockets, planes, suction darts and water! Talk about fun! The high powered air launcher comes with 1 plane, 3 rockets and 3 suction darts can blast the included darts, suction cups and rockets up to 50 feet! I love that the foam darts and rockets are soft and do not cause damage when making contact with surrounding objects like parked cars or windows.  The guns are fun to use both inside (of course minus the water) and outside with and without.  It is simple to use too – just attach the parts to the nose, pull back the handle then puch it forward to launch.  To use as a water gun, simply fill up a bowl or bucket, put the nose into the water, pull back and fill the neck with water.  Next simply push the handle forward to realease the water and watch it soar!  The harder you pump, the higher and further the water (or attachment) will fly.  The single ZoomZooka retails for just $10.95 and the Double Zoom Zooka pack $16.02 over at Amazon.  Check out my son’s video to see how it works:

Both toys were a big hit with son, daughter (and husband) and I am thinking they would make great under $20 gifts for birthdays and holidays too!  Have you tried any of Zing’s toys?  What did you think?


  1. Krissy Ward says:

    I bought these for Dylan after seeing your video and he loves the ZoomZooka! Saving the rocket launcher one till we go to the Poconos so he can play with it with his cousins! Thanks for the ideas! 😉

  2. Summer is the most exciting season for my family. We love spending much time on the beach and enjoy different kinds of water sports. Moreover, if we are in the house my kids loves to play water gun. It is really very fun. Now, after seeing those zoom rockets above, all I have in mind is to get them those water blasting toys. I will grab some of this later. Thanks for sharing this post and video.

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