Just Between Friends Western Mainline 2015 Fall Sale Recap and $50 Budget Challenge #JBFPhilly

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Just Between Friends Western Mainline.  All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

JBF Fall 2015 Recap

Here we are – 2 days after this year’s Just Between Friends Western Mainline Fall Kids Consignment Sale in Oaks.  If you had the chance to attend or sell at the sale, I am pretty sure you can understand my excitement and passion about spreading the word about this absolutely unbelievable sale.  I can talk about this sale until I am blue in the face – using every descriptive word in my vocabulary – BUT until you actually experience it for yourself, you cannot begin to understand why it is that this sale really is the best of the best that our area has to offer.  Here I am again today to give you a peek at what this sale is all about – but pictures and descriptors alone cannot begin to do justice for what is in store when you step into those doors yourself.

Granted, Oaks is a bit of a drive from Delaware County.  For me – it was just around 35 minutes to be exact.  If this has been a deterrent, please do not let it stop you from attending the next sale this spring.  It’s a quick, direct drive – very easy to get to.  I was able to make it there and back with time to spare while my kids were in school during the week.  Believe me, the minute you step into the sale, suddenly that 30 minute drive becomes more than worth it – and you find yourself wishing that this sale happened more than twice a year – and wondering why you never took the time to attend in the past!

I will admit – this sale is HUGE, GINORMOUS, GIGANTUAN.  It can be a tad overwhelming if you have never been to a sale this big.  That’s why it’s so important to go in with a game plan.  Have a list of items you need, things that you want.  Have a list of sizes for clothing and shoes, eat a good meal before you head out – and wear your sneakers or comfy shoes – navigating through this sale is hard work – the room is a convention center hall – trust me, you will get in your workout making your way through the goodies.  But if you come prepared, it helps you to keep on track – and resist impulse buys.  Be sure to check out my great list of shopping tips for visiting kid consignment sales  if you haven’t already done so in the past.

JBF Fall collage

This season’s sale was by far the best I’ve been to yet!  It always amazes me that a sale such as this could possibly get any better – but somehow it does – Every. Single. Time.  It is so well run – and the owner and workers are always striving to improve the sale, keep the customers happy and make this a pleasant experience for everyone – both sellers and shoppers alike. Everything is organized from check in to drop off and checkout and pick up.  All of the clothing items are scannable so it makes checkout much quicker and efficient.  They accept cash or credit so no need to carry a ton of cash if you do not prefer to do so.

As far as selling at the sale, you enter all of your items into your computer system as you go along.  Once they are entered into the system you can then print out the tags on your printer.  Your number remains the same for all of the Just Between Friends Sales – so if you have leftover items at the end of the sale that you would like to try selling at another sale, you do not have to re-enter them.  The tags that are on the items are transferrable to the next sale.  This is such a great perk!

JBF Fall sale collage 2

This sale I found myself a bit overwhelmed with my kids schedules and ended up only putting in 53 items at the sale.  As the days of the sale each came to an end, I was so excited to go online to see which items sold. (Yep – you can check to see how your items are selling at the end of each night).  When all was said and done, 50 of my 53 items sold at this sale.  I chose to donate the 3 unsold items this time at the end of the sale, relieving me of the need to head back to the sale to pick them up.  Now I just sit back and wait for my check to come in the mail!  How awesome is that?  Cleaner closets, more organized toy room, more space and now cash for my clutter!  It doesn’t get any better than that! Now can you see why I am always counting down the days til the next sale?  I kid you not – it’s addictive! PS – If you need some guidance, check out some of my tips for turning your kid clutter to cash, which will give you tips on how to prepare your items for consigning.

JBF Fall Collage 3

So – now that I have you convinced that you must check out this sale (or at least I think I do), check out some of the great kid clothes that I was able to snag at this season’s sale.  I will add – my kids are both getting older so baby and toddler gear as well as toys are not as big on the priority list her at my house these days, but there certainly was an abundance of all of the above as you can see throughout many of my pictures I have posted. Since I always enjoy a good challenge, I decided to challenge  myself to a $50 Budget at the Presale.  My goal was to stick to the budget and see what I could come home with from my list.  My grand total spent? $47.17!  Check out everything that I was able to get…

As you can see, this has been another extremely successful sale for me! If you attended the sale, I would love to hear all about your best finds.  And for those of you considering consigning with this unbelievable sale, I highly suggest going for it! I’d be glad to help with any tips or advice – feel free to message me or send me an email at Kelly@delcodealdiva.com.

And for those of you planning to shop, hope to see you at the spring sale!

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