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Disclosure: I received the costume mentioned in this blog post for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

costume supercenter review

Halloween – honestly, as an adult I was never a big fan.  I have tons of other things to celebrate in October – our anniversary, my birthday and a boat load of fall festivities.  But then on October 31, 2002 – that feeling all changed.  Suddenly Halloween became one of my favorites.  I became “That Mom” – the one who loves volunteering to bake the cupcakes or snack for the Halloween party at school, the one who goes on a mission to buy Halloween t-shirts and costumes for the kids, the one who looks forward to decorating the house and keeping up with all of the Halloween traditions – from pumpkin shaped donuts for breakfast to mummy dogs for lunch and Spaghetti filled pepper pumpkins for dinner.  I do it all – with all the love in my heart that a Mom can give.  You see, on October 31, 2002, my son Aidan was born – and I grabbed that feeling by the reigns and promised that every Halloween should be celebrated in the most fun way possible.  We continue to keep that sprit alive every year – and Halloween has since become a favorite for all of us here at my house.

We start thinking about Halloween costumes at the end of the summer.  My kids get excited chatting about what they want to be and shortly thereafter I find myself searching online for costumes.  And although I am “That Mom” when it comes to Halloween – “This Mom” certainly is not creative or talented enough to make costumes from scratch!  Over the years, I have found that the best costumes for us are always right there – online – ready for purchase. No stress. No fuss.  No lost time.  As like most of you, schedules at our house are jam-packed, so it’s nice to be able to sit down whenever it is convenient for us and shop for our costumes in the comfort of our home. We enjoy some family time and a good laugh as we pick out our costumes and envision the fun we will be having together on Halloween.

When we were contacted earlier this month with the opportunity to review a costume just in time for Halloween, my family was thrilled.  I have ordered costumes online in the past and found it to be a wonderful experience so I was very excited for the opportunity to shop online for them once again this year.

To add to the family fun, we flipped a coin to see who would be the lucky family member picking out their costume, and let’s just say my 8-year-old daughter squealed with giggles when she beat out her big brother for the win.

Off we went to the Costume SuperCenter website.  There are literally hundreds of costumes for the whole family to choose from – and it is so much fun to take time to look through them all.  If you are pressed for time and have an idea what you want to be, it’s easy to just type your idea into the search bar and see all of the costumes that pop up!  You can also sort by cost, size, gender and ratings.  Not only are the prices very affordable,  I also absolutely love the ratings on the website. I find that the reviews are helpful in understanding the size and quality of the items – both positive and negative. They come from parents and online shoppers – just like us – so reviews are honest and no way sugar coated.

I was a bit sad to learn that the days of twirly princess costumes and glittery fairy wings are gone at our house (at least for now).  This year my daughter has officially turned to the dark side.  She has decided that a more mysterious, frightful vibe would be so much more fun – but of course the girly girl that she is still needed a little girly twist – so she settled on the idea of a “Zombie Cheerleader” for the win.

Costume SuperCenter’s “Kids Bad Spirit Costume” was the perfect basis for what she had in mind!

The costume arrived with the black and white crossbones shirt and skirt, knee high sock liners, a funky black and white striped wrist band and one black pom pom. The material of the shirt and skirt is polyester.  I also love that (according to the tag) this costume is hand washable (and hang dry) in case she gets anything on it at her parties or when out trick or treating.  Considering that I ordered the costume one size larger than her usual size based on other purchasers’ reviews, I was also extremely pleased with the overall fit.

We dug through her closet and found a perfect pair of black boots, got creative with some face make up from CVS and pulled her hair into two wild pony tails.

Bad Spirit Collage Collage

The results are perfect!  Just what she was going for.  The quality of the costume is also even better than I expected.  Even before wearing the costume trick-or-treating, she will need to wear it for several parties and her Halloween parade at school. When I say that I am confident that this costume appears durable to get through all of these things and can hopefully be added to our dress up box as well – I cannot begin to tell you how happy that makes me!  Woot! Woot!

Oct 2015 costume review 065

Obviously she is having a bit of fun perfecting her “Zombie” look and walk LOL

Halloween is just a few short weeks away.  Has your family decided what they will be this year?  I highly suggest making it easier on yourself and go check out Costume SuperCenter!  Be sure to follow Costume SuperCenter on Facebook too for their newest items and great deals and promotions!

Hope you guys and ghouls have a very Happy Halloween!


  1. Sounds like an easy Halloween shopping experience!! I’ll have to check it out.

  2. I love Zombie Cheerleader!! It’d be perfect for my girl, who I thought WASN’T dressing up this year (she’s 12) but she’s been asking to go as Wonder Woman. I’m happy about that. The other good thing about buying online is that you don’t have to take a nervous kid into a store with a giant Death or Zombie or Freddy Kruger leering at them the minute they walk in. UGH.!
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  3. That costume is awesome!!!! We still haven’t picked ours out yet!
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  4. Very Nice Ideas…The Countdown to Halloween has begun. I am excited for the halloween party especially for my costumes. I just ordered Halloween costume online at discount of 15% from costumes and collectables. Happy Halloween!!

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