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As you may have read in my previous post, my kids are big fans of the Wubble Bubble Balls.  Last year we had the opportunity to review the Original Wubble Ball and recently, we were back to tell you a bit about our experience with the Wubble X.  Next up we would like to introduce you to GloWubble Bubble Ball.

Of course my kids have no patience for waiting to try new toys (especially ones that are frequently seen on TV) so they were practically ripping the box open the day it arrived.

The GloWubble Ball is just like the Original Wubble Ball – except it glows!  In order for the ball to glow, it must be placed in sunlight or bright light for at least 10 minutes.  For best results, it should be inflated first before placing in the light so that it receives and even amount of light, allowing it to glow more evenly.  Of course, in order to get the maximum fun from the glow, kids will love playing with the ball in the dark!

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One thing I did not think of but I want to pass along is that you should be sure to have 4 D batteries on hand in order to use the electric pump that you will need to fill up the ball.  The last thing you want is a bunch of disappointed kids as you pack them into the car to go buy batteries!

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In order to fill the ball, you simply insert the tip of the pump with a squirt of the provided petroleum jelly and inflate.  Inflating the ball should only take a few quick minutes.  Be sure not to fill the ball larger then 3 feet as it may over expand and pop.  I am sure I was almost overly cautious with this step as I probably could have filled mine a bit more but I did not want to take any chances.

The best part about GloWubble Ball is that not only does it glow, but its super lightweight quality allows kids to bounce, poke, toss and bump for hours of fun.  No need to worry if the kids get hit with the ball or throw it at each other.  The soft nature of the ball causes it to bounce right off of the person or object with no need to worry about them getting hurt.

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Once inflated, the kids had a great time bouncing it off one another, throwing it up in the air and tossing it back and forth.  It’s a ton of fun to watch them as the wobbly, wiggling ball bounces here there and everywhere.  You do need to be very careful to avoid sharp objects, bushes, branches and anything pointy that may puncture the ball.  So far my kids have had no issues with the ball deflating as we have been very careful to avoid any sharp or pointy objects when playing with the ball and we have tried to only play with it on grass on indoors on the rug. (However- I will admit – I really wish the ball was a bit more sturdy and not as susceptible to tears/punctures. The key is to not over inflate and be VERY CAREFUL where you choose to play with it!)

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I will say, after being exposed to light both indoor and out, the glow our ball gave off was quite subtle but very cool.  I had a difficult job taking pictures that showed the “glow” because we had to turn off all of the lights to see the effect.  The days we were reviewing the product were a bit windy and overcast so I think that maybe the ball requires a bit more bright sunlight to really absorb the most light and allow for an overall better glow!  Either way, the ball was still fun to play with and kept the kids active and entertained!

Check out my kids having a little fun with GloWubble outdoors:

You can find GloWubble on the GloWubble website, Target, Toys R Us and Amazon .  Imagine how much fun your kids will have playing with their very own giant glowing GloWubble ball! Just think how much fun this would be for sleepover parties! Check off another Holiday gift!

Have you tried any of the Wubble Ball products?  If so, what did you think?


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