Holiday Gift Idea – Wubble X Helium Floating Ball {Review} #WubbleX

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Last year my family and I had the fun experience of reviewing the original Wubble Bubble Ball.  My kids had so much fun with the ball, I literally was crying laughing while watching them.  They ran around bouncing the ball off of one another and giggling with glee just having some good old fashioned fun.

Much to my family’s excitement, this year Wubble is back with some more fun products.  We were contacted to see if we would like to give them a try and of course my kids were jumping with excitement at the opportunity.

Introducing Wubble X…

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Much smaller then the original Wubble Bubble Ball, this version starts out super tiny – smaller than the palm of my hand!  It comes with some petroleum jelly to help insert the tip of the inflator, two sticker sealants to seal the ball once the helium is inserted and a full set of clear step by step instructions.  Cans of Wubble helium need to be purchased separately in order to fill the ball.

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It requires helium instead of air, which when inflated will cause the ball to be able to “magically” float in the air.

We were so happy to find that inflating the Wubble X seemed to be so much easier than inflating the Original Wubble Bubble Ball.  Add the Wubble helium using the tip of the inflator and some petroleum jelly and up up and away – the WubbleX floats magically into the air.  I found that following the enclosed instructions step by step and watching the recommended You Tube Videos certainly made inflating the ball extremely easy.  The helium stops on its own once the ball has been filled.  At full capacity, the ball will be approximately 8 to 10 inches in diameter.

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Unlike the Original Bubble Ball which is great for both indoor and outdoor play, the Wubble X is meant for indoor play only – as the helium would cause it to fly away outside, much like a balloon.  I think this would be an awesome stocking stuffer and perfect to keep on hand for snowy or rainy days when the kids are looking for some much needed indoor fun.

Wubble X Float

My children are a bit older – 8 and 13 – so the idea that the Wubble X will float to the ceiling if you let go was not much of an issue for them as they could easily reach it with a step stool or chair to retrieve.  I could however see this as problematic for younger children so an adult may need to be present to assist with retrieving the ball from time to time.  I suggest using the ball in  areas with lower ceilings.  If you happen to have very high ceilings, you may want to keep the Wubble play for areas of the house with lower ceiling heights – like bedrooms, playrooms or basements.

The Wubble X looks a lot like a bubble when it is inflated but the best part of all is that the helium usually allows the Wubble X to remain floating approximately 5 – 30 minutes!  How cool is that? And best of all – you can refill your Wubble X over and over again by simply purchasing more Wubble X helium! Love it!

Check out the Wubble X in action:

Wubble X can be purchased at the Wubble Ball website, as well as Target, Toys R Us and Amazon .  Wubble X make great gifts and sticking stuffers too!


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