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I spent the majority of the weekend cleaning and organizing and beginning my meal prep for the week.  I also whipped up a big pan of Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas with plenty of leftovers which will be perfect for a few lunches this week.  Since I cleaned out the freezer the past two weeks I was pretty bare as far as meats so I ran to ACME this morning to grab some chicken and Italian Turkey Sausage and ended up coming across a bunch of meat on manager’s special.  Some of these manager’s special items were already sale items this week with additional $2 off coupons attached. Of course many of the meats had sell by dates in the next few days but what a perfect opportunity to stock up the freezer!  I ended up grabbing some Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage, Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage, pre-sliced chicken for Stir Fry, a family size pack of Chicken Thighs, Boneless Chicken Breasts- both regular and thin sliced, a Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster, Thin Sliced Boneless Pork Chops and a box of Bubba Veggie Burgers.  I am thinking I need to stop by ACME more often early on Monday mornings to see if they routinely put out these manager special deals every week. Meanwhile today I am trying a new pulled pork recipe in the slow cooker.  The recipe calls for slow roasting it in the oven all day but since my schedule has me in and out all day I felt much safer popping it in the slow cooker and letting the slow cooker do the work instead.  I will be sure to let you know how it turns out.  So far it already has my house smelling delicious! I had to start the prep work on this yesterday as it needs to be soaked in brine overnight and then rubbed with a homemade dry rub before cooking.  I also made the broccoli slaw yesterday as I have found that the longer it sits the more tasty it becomes.  I am actually excited for dinner tonight! Here’s what I have planned the rest of the week:

SundayBlack Bean Spinach Enchiladas served with light sour cream and topped with scallions (leftovers will be perfect for lunches this week)

MondayPerfect Pulled Pork (made in the slow cooker using a pork loin roast) served on hamburger buns with a side of broccoli coleslaw adapted from this recipe

Tuesday – Italian turkey sausage, peppers and onions with spaghetti sauce (I had some homemade frozen sauce I will be using but jarred sauce works just as well) made in the slow cooker served with Fit & Active egg noodles and steamed veggies

Wednesday – Shake & Bake Buffalo Chicken, baked French fries, steamed veggies

ThursdayKorean beef and rice, steamed veggies

Friday – Pizza for kids, Crab cakes and salad for hubby and me

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