Menu Plan Monday – What’s Cooking at Our House This Week

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recipe_cards_1After a few days at the shore and a few parties this weekend, I am determined to get myself back on track with meal planning while also keeping my budget on track.  I cannot get over how easy it is to go way off plan even just buying a few meals on the go instead of making them at home.  As I always say, meal planning is key to keeping the food budget under control.  Do you agree? How do you plan out your meals each week or month? Here is what we have planned this week:

Monday – Cleaning out the freezer so I defrosted a container of homemade gravy.  I am going to make some Meatball Nirvana (my favorite meatball recipe!!) and serve them with some ravoli, gravy and garlic bread.

Tuesday – 3 packet roast in the slow cooker (I lov ethat this one makes its own delicious gravy!!) with quartered red potatoes and baby carrots

Wednesday – Evening swim meet for the kids so grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids and salads with grilled chicken for hubby and me

Thursday – Splash party at the pool for the kids (they will have pizza there) – Salads with grilled chicken for hubby and me

Friday – Garlic and Herb Tilapia, olive oil and garlic couscous, steamed veggies

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